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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Posting after quite a long time.Another bloggers' meet was held on Sunday the 22nd.It was attended by India's no.1 blogger,ravages,magix,(now sports a moustache),murali,sandhya,vani,divya,nilu,nirenjan,mukund,vijay,anil
and a few others whose names I can't recollect.

15 mins of waiting @ the bus stop after which a 47A came rambling.Someone inside the bus called "Shekar" and I turned to find Nirenjan behind.I got down @ t.nagar bus stand.Ravages' directions to the venue seemed a bit rigmarolic to a guy like me.It was like going to bangalore from chennai via kerala.He missed out 3 important words,North Usman Road.I completed a 360 degree revolution around panagal park.When I was gearing up for the second one,I spotted it.It was right at the corner of north usman road.Y didnt I c it in the first place?Cos my eyes drifted left and right but not straight.

I went walked in to find nirenjan introducing himself.I was the last one to do so.A girl was seated at the centre who was in the LIMELIGHT.I came to know that she was divya aka NIMBUPANI who had come all the way from singapore.

Blogger no.1,kiruba shankar,who was the main speaker,that evening,described the bangalore bloggers meet,he had attended last week.He then proceeded to talk about bangalore marathon and a lot of other things.Vani and Sandhya retired to a world of their own completely oblivious of the fact that there were 12 other souls near them.After the 12 gave them a momentary stare,they joined us on track.

A few moments later I found that I hadnt ordered anything to sip.I was tired of those choco and butterscotch stuff and I wanted something different.EMERALD GRANITE.This name in the menu caught my attention since it was a blend of orange and lime.I've drunk only plain nimbupani b4 so I decided to settle for this.

The conversation rose to a high with almost everyone chattering and the next moment fell to a low with a complete silence,like the Bombay sensex.

The meeting concluded @ around 730.Nirenjan and murali accompanied me till t.nagar bus stand.Murali was successful in boarding a PP49 that was just about to leave the bus stop and we were at about 22 yards frm the bus stop.I and nirenjan boarded an M23 bus bound for tiruvanmiyur only to find a 47G overtaking it @ saidapet.

I reached home @ 815 and planned to blog about the meet,the first thing.But that plan backfired since my PC had crashed.

For photos and more details visit BLOGGER NO.1.

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