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Friday, May 13, 2005
It's been a week since my semester exams concluded.As usual it's gonna be 2 months of vacation.It's vetti time again.I've been doing nothing useful this whole week.The 40 degree mercury in chennai is taking the toll on me making me stay @ home.
I finally watched chandramuki yesterday.I never believed i would get a ticket.The story was like this:
After seeing off my dad in koyambedu bus stand,I decided not to be vetti and decided to go to Udhayam theatre and see if i could get a ticket for c'muki.I saw a fairly long queue and waited.Then a guy walked up to me:
Guy: Ticket venumaa??
Me: aamam.
G: Evening showkka?
M: aamaam.ungakitta irukka?
G: Oru 50 rupees ticket irukku.Venuma?
M: Kudunga.
G: Just 60 rupees kudunga.
M: ungalukku vendama???
G: Naan 5 times paathuttaen.
Since i was so desperate to c the movie i bought it.I was happy to find that it was a BOX CLASS ticket.

As the show was supposed to be @ 615 and the time was only 4,i decided to do something useful.I went to guindy in a rickety 18M bus.From there I travelled all the way to tambaram by electric train and came back to Udayam from tambaram by another rickety bus,70.On the way I had a sudden doubt,is the movie ticket original??Y should any1 forfeit a Box class ticket??I hurried to the theatre and enquired @ th gate.Thankfully it was original.Lakka lakka lakka lakkka lakka!

Heading home after 930 was a problem.I had no problem going to guindy.At guindy I was forced to walk about a kilometre to guindy bus stop from kathipara.(guindy march).There was not a single bus to adyar or anna univ.I boarded a share auto whose driver kept yelling "adyar,adyar adyar,.........".Sweaty,sultry inside the auto i wished i get home soon.No sooner had the auto started than a vestibule PP21 came with the route board showing "UPTO ADYAR DEPOT".Damn it! I thot to myself.I got down @ adyar signal(tht was wer the auto was actually heading).Waited for a besant nagar bus to come along.None came for 20 mins.I finally boarded a M49,got down 2 adyar depot and was walking to vannanturai when a 23C and a 47A went past.Damn it once again.


I was shocked when one of my old frnds from coimbatore asked me if i was caught changing the answer sheets.
I couldnt understand wat he was asking.He coolly asked "Ur college students were only caught in the answer paper scam,rite?"I explained to him in detail that it was a pvt college that was involved and many other stuff.

Moral of the story:Not everybody in pakistan is a terrorist.

Ever since CAS came into effect in chennai,I've been watching news channels most of the time.The policy of all the news channels is the same--THE REAL STORY,UNBIASED.Add an extra fitting---EVERY SINGLE TIME.This is probably the reason Y the same bulletin is telecast the whole day except in Headlines Today where a bulletin is repeated every 15 mins.
Talking of Headlines today,it's a must watch for all those who want to cool off in this 41 degree mercury in a different way.The female news-readers r all pretty if not hot.Particular cases r Tina sharma(the one with a twisted jaw),Avantika singh(not sure whether she comes nowadays),Tracy shilshi(the assamese girl with a compressed face ) and many more.Also try checking out the correspondents.
As far as coverage of news is concerned u'll find that mumbai gets the maximum coverage.Every minute incident is covered(a dog run over by an electric train,BEST bus strike,etc).Mumbai police were recently put to much shame b'cos of the hyped coverage of the marine drive rape.
Delhi comes next followed by bangalore,hyderabad and pune.Tamilnadu and kerala get the least coverage(the north-east gets zero coverage).
Check out the live temperature on headlines today.I was shocked to find chennai @ 36 degrees yesterday @ 12 noon.
Mumbai gets featured during summer and rainy seasons.Last august the monsoon had begun in mumbai.Rains r not unusual phenomena in Mumbai.They come every year.NDTV covers it this way:
Studio:The rains have begun in the commercial capital and our correspondent ........(some name)reports from mumbai.
Corr:Thank you barkha.As u can see I am standing on marine drive.It is raining.I have an umbrella with me and so do the other people over here.There u can see raindrops striking the sea.(Camera zooms).Buses r wet.Taxis r wet.People r running for shelter.(Camera zooms towards the sea again).But there a couples romancing out here unmindful of the rain........

It is probably in march that summer sets in in mumbai.
Studio: The summer has begun in the country.To know how much it has affected the country our correspondent reports from mumbai(again)
Corr:Thank you rajdeep.It is hot everywhere and i am now standing near the gateway.Lots of tourists here.Tourist buses keep coming in.There's the arabian sea and those graceful waves....(topic goes wayward).

But it is better to stick on to news channels till good programmes like university challenge come again,rather than watch that 50 yr old mamiyar with malliyappoo in head torment her daughter in law just because she spoke to her dad.
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