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Thursday, July 28, 2005
1100,1108,2200,3300,6600,7180,7230,p780i,p760,t690 etc.Models of mobilephone brands,none of which I own.The absence of a cellphone has been bothering me ever since I stepped into anna university campus.Msging in class,notifying a professor of our whereabouts before a unit test,hostel ground floor guy calling third floor guy to come down and probably the best--7:30 in the morning,guy out from bed,calling his roommate in the bathroom enquiring whether water supply is still on.

I accumulated knowledge of the above models to make up for my non-possession of a mobile phone.Also I've noticed a vast difference in the way guys and gals use mobile phones.

Guys use it only when necessary.Have a free SMS scheme;summa msg adichu thalluvaanga(curses mathiri).

But gals use it in a different manner.I've noticed many such gals since moving out from tiruvanmiyur to besant nagar.One of them keeps catching my attention every morning.She comes walking from the corner of my street with the mob in her hand.Walks all the way to the bus stop with the mob glued to her ear.At the bus stop,it refuses to leave her ear.Boards the bus with the mob still in her ear.Sitting or standing,the mob is still in her ear.She never lifted it from her ear all that while.I could arrive at two conclusions from this:

----In order not to be disturbed by jobless guys,she pretends to be busy discussing kaveri prachanai with somebody else.

----She doesnt want to be approached by gal-seekers with roses.

A common fact linking these two is that she is a cute-looking girl and she thinks she is one.I've decided to do something different the next moment I see her--oru kevalamaana look vidanum(JJ maddy style).

There's this other type of gal who wears short-tops and jeans with a dupatta worn in one of the styles Praveen describes.While starting for college,she waves a goodbye to her parents.In they go,out comes the cell from her handbag.It does not matter, to whom she is talking to.It's a funny sight of her trying to ergonomically adjust her handbag and her short-top especially.Tries to avoid showing off in public.Aadi sale-la size-a kooda discount pannittanga pola irukku.

This was what the mechanical engg guys of my college, who dont have a single gal in their class,did during IIT-Saarang 2005.We,a group of 8 guys, saw a group of some 3 or 4 gals coming towards us,each with a cell in her ear.When they were close by,7 in the group shifted the mod from their pockets to their ears.The exception was me,who was given the earphones of one of the mobs.The gals passed by,giving us a kannagi-like look.

It all boils down to one thing ultimately--to prove to the world that they already have a boyfriend.Putting it in A.R.R style,
"Aalillaamal cellphone-la pesinaa,
Vethu scene-nu artham."

Paathu use pannungamaa.
"Vanthu-da poguthu brain tumour
Un life-la irukkaathu humour".
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