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Thursday, July 14, 2005
I'm not sure if this is a relevant title for this post.Those expecting Mallika Sherawat or Neha Dhupia stuff may leave this post and watch "Saniyan".

I've been stripped off the post of deputy class representative,thanks to the union elections in college.Some jobless final year guy had it seems campaigned in the class in my absence.The class advisor noticed this and screwed him.He that I was a contender.The C.A did not like it and appointed another fellow.The reason he cited was that the latter was more consistent in his semester scores.

This is how elections in the erswhile engg college happen.Right from day 1 the final year guys get out of the placement moolahs and groups of them,claiming to be experts,discuss elections.Finally the hostellers form one group and the day-scholars another.Each one nominates one guy for the post.

The next day these two groups go about assimilating info from each class on who was contending.In those classes who unanimously elect their reps,these groups induce the election mood into them.It was the same scenario this year too.But the non-IT branches of the college stayed away since the top contenders were always frm ECE,EEE,IT or CSE.

The new vice-chancellor came down heavily up on this issue and issued a stern "NO" to the whole process.But a lot of hearsay has been going on and I'll have to wait to see wat happens next.In the meantime,I'm off to watch "Saniyan".

P.S:-Magix whose blogs r full of magix n curses has decided to call it quits.Probably he'll hang his PC.
What made him take such a drastic decision?
Advani returned from pakistan only to be demanded to be quit,by the RSS.Magix too returned but from where?Did he use the word "secular"?Did anyone pressurise him to quit?If so,was it the RSS?Is he old enough to retire?What would he do after quitting?Set up a blogging coaching centre in tiruvanmiyur?What would he teach there?
Probably he would teach how to post build-ups.

These thoughts crossed my mind yesterday when I was brooding over this issue.He is an absolute necessity to the blogosphere like the brake of a car.After I began reading his posts I could infer that he had a passion for two things in particular--blogs and dogs.

Come back,da!
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