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Monday, July 04, 2005
ELEVATED:-I've stepped into my 3rd year of college.The new academic year came like a bolt out of the blue.I myself couldn't believe that I'd rather successfully completed two years.
Now that 3rd year has arrived,"placement" is the buzzword in the erstwhile,green campus at the heart of the city.My class advisor spent a monotonous two hours advising us to solve puzzles,read the dictionary,go to the library as frequently as possible et al.
The news is that I've been elevated to the post of class representative.I never knew I could do it.I never thought it would be sappa matter to be a class rep.The duties that have been thrust upon me are renewing the computer centre passes,renewing bus and train concessions,hand over marks sheets to the entire class and lots more.

RULES-ACADEMICS KA BULLSHIT FORMULA:-The new Vice chancellor seems to be tougher than his predecessor.This fellow has now brought out a code of conduct for students.Now we can no longer wear fancy t-shirts and jeans pants.Only formals with shoes.Shirts must be tucked in.There are rumours that only full slack t-shirts are permitted.Full slack ellam potta veyil thaanga mudiyathu.Some persons would be appointed to supervise the students.Guys not abiding by these rules would be taken to task by these "Saniyans".
P.S--This is yet to be formally declared.

MALE-PADIPPU:-The subjects from this sem onwards are mostly management stuff.Today it started with Economics with the lect,babbling something about Y most industries dont sustain.But I was comfortably seated at the back,right under the fan,next to the window.The combination of two types of breezes put me into a short slumber,later waking up to find my name being called out.I sensed something bizzarre,but all that happened was the lect asked me for the nominal name list.

FLYING TRAIN:-Went to parrys corner yesterday to buy some cheap stationery.Planned to return home by MRTS.Off I headed to Beach station only to discover that the MRTS ran only upto Mylapore on sundays.But not wanting to miss the opportunity,I bought a ticket to mylapore itself.I was surprised to find the compartments empty.No fly,no crow.At mylapore I found that there were only about 10 passengers in all in the 6-coach train.At peak hours,the train is run with just 3-coaches with passengers cramming for space like in Mumbai.
The second phase of MRTS from mylapore to tidel park is yet to be completed with a majority of work still left.But the government has gone into discussing the possibility of underground metro along anna salai and poonamallee high road.

RANDOM:-How do u identify a tamilian in "cosmopolitan" Bangalore?He is one who asks for the fare before getting into an auto.
An optimist is one who thinks bullshit is fertilizer.
On saturday,I was cruising along mount road when I saw an A18 bus spewing heavy smoke.In the front and rear of the bus were the words"Maanagara perunthu,maasatra perunthu"(Metropolitan bus,pollution-less bus).
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