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Saturday, June 18, 2005
Back to blogging after a week.

There was once a boy born into a farmer's family in Uttar pradesh.He had very meagre education because of which he landed a job as a petrol bunk assistant.With the money he earned,he took up the job of making chocolates to feed the children of india.He soon became famous and got married.Two boys were born to him.

With his efforts he prepared a huge chocolate.But in 2002 he died leaving no trace of a will.Then the brothers took portions of the chocolate.But a quarrel arose between the two.The elder one found that the younger had more proportions of the chocolate than him.He demanded a lion's share of the proportion from his brother.But the brother was not willing to part with it.Afraid that his brother would snatch it away from him,the younger one went on a pilgrimage to tirupati and rishikesh.

But that was of no use since the elder one started claiming ownership of those proportions.This let to a battle between the two which shook the whole country's industrial arena by surprise.

Now the chocolate had to be constantly flavoured to maintain its taste.The flavourers were now left confused.They did not know where to add the flavour and consequently the flavour started weaning away.

This drama was going on since december and has come to an end today.The boys' mother has intervened and settled the issue.The elder brother got a major chunk of the chocolate and the syrupy portion.The younger one got 3 proportions.One was produced in delhi and was called "capital".Another was to be flavoured with energy boosting ingredients so that it would be an energy chocolate.Lastly the younger would get the wrappers.Using these wrappers people all over the country would tie strings between two of these and use them to communicate.All was well that ended well.

Confused???The two brothers here are Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani.The chocolate is called "Reliance".The flavourers here are the shareholders."The flavour started weaning away" means the shares in the bombay stock exchange recorded a fall.The major chunk,the elder one got was the flagship company--Reliance industries ltd.The syrup here is petroleum which comes under IPCL.The younger one got reliance energy,reliance capital and reliance infocomm.

This is the result of my unleashed imagination.It was on leash for the past one week due to the excessive heat in the city.(May sound silly,but dont bother.)
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