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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Watched anniyan yesterday in Sathyam cineplex.This was the first movie I was watching in Sathyam after almost a year.
Chiyan vikram was at his usual best portraying three characters of Ambi,Remo and Anniyan.The story goes like this--Vikram gets disturbed often by the state of the society.He turns emotional whenever he sees people flouting rules and tries to infuse some awareness into that person's mind but in vain.Later he comes across a website "" which is a complaint box.He registers his complaints,the faulter and his address.The faulter then finds himself killed by Anniyan.As usual,the police would be called and whether Anniyan is caught or not,forms the rest of the story.
The movie can be termed as a blend of Gentleman,Indian,Ramana and Chandramuki.Why chandramuki?Vikram suffers from multiple personality disorder.One scene, he is the humble Ramanujam alias Ambi and the next scene, he transforms into anniyan.In some more scenes he becomes Remo who disappears after a point of time.
One person who is greatly missed in this movie is A.R.Rahman.Has Shankar broken up with him after "Boys"?However Harris Jayaraj doesnt falter with the songs.The BGM is where he could have improved.It has been lifted straight out of the BGMs of "Gentleman" and "Kaadhalan".You cant help comparing this with the BGM of "Kakka Kakka", wer HJ rocked.
Vivek was way different from his other movies.There are no "Ada Paavingala" here.Prakashraj once again rocks.Nasser appears in a cameo.One highlight is the Thiruvaiyaaru festival where u get to see Unnikrishnan,kunnakudi and sudha ragunathan on the big screen.
"Indigestible scenes" form an integral part of shankar's movies.In gentleman,there was a scene wer arjun had a rat forced onto his jaw and he ended up with the skeleton of the rat.In kaadhalan there was the jail scene where prabhudeva's food was "flavoured" cockroaches.In mudhalvan there was the scene where arjun bathes in buckingham canal.In anniyan there r few such scenes tht r digestible to some extent.Vikram forcing leeches onto the body of the industrialist and frying Prakashraj's brother in hot oil,are some examples.
I noticed a few mistaken takes.The police patrol vehicl bore a registration plate with the letter 'H'.In reality it's 'G'.And then there was another scene where there was a traffic signal on the elliots beach and a 29C bus was shown stopping at the signal(no buses run on elliots beach road).
Overall it was a superb movie.I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Praveen's "Saniyan".
P.S:-My congrats to curses.Bangaloril irundhu varum podhu,mazhaiya allekka thookikittu vanthuttaan,chennaikku.
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