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Friday, August 26, 2005
Music thalaivar is coming back with ulaganayagan."Dasavatharam" will have Kamal in 10 different roles.Music by A.R.Rahman,dialogue by Crazy mohan and direction by K.S.Ravikumar.Thenali combination at it again.
Music thalaivar will be returning with thoothukudi thalaivar,also, in "Godfather".
Sudhish Kamath's fortnightly take on Shonali Muthalaly in "Battle of the Sexes" in Metro Plus made interesting reading.While the former wrote about things like this,the latter had her own views about the male.Here is my view:

**Share the bill amount during dates.If the girl insists you pay up everytime,it is a likely fact that she is a miser.She may be the only heir to her dad's property.This means her hubby would get an equal share of the sothu.Why should she part with her appan veetu sothu?In order not to be confronted by a situation like that,she makes her beau spend all his money;exam fees,mobile recharge amount,bike fuel cost,bike servicing cost,teakada baaki,house rent,etc;on her.

**Sushish asks "Why should a girl expect to be wooed?"Blame the male community for this.Had we not gaped at women when they switched to western culture,T.Rajendhar style poems would have been literally absent now.It's the masculine attire that draws onlookers.We males should have started wearing chudidhars when they borrowed t.shirts and pants from us.
Ippo kooda onnum kettu polae.J.J maddy mathiri inimae ella vaalai-pala-thol-valikki-vaalibar uyir-ooshal type ponnungalayum oru kevalamaa look viduvom.Athukku appuramaavathu indha wooing stop aagumanu paakkalaam.
My take:Do something with their slippers.They threaten to use them on guys for anything and everything.The high-heels type is designed specially for this purpose.Try this:
Walk upto her and say "Unga seruppu romba azhaga irukku".
She would say:"kazhattinaa teriyum."
Hit back with this "T.shirt kooda thaan azhaga irukku." ###
The proposal for an industrial visit has been approved by my dept and off I'll be going to Cochin,munaar,aleppuzha,guruvayur and coimbatore.Staring on sept 7 and returning on 11th.
My college campus seemed rather deserted today since the majors--MECH,CSE,IT and ECE depts left for their respective tours.Went to see off the so-called machos of mech,yesterday.I cursed myself for travelling by bus and then by electric train,for I reached the station just in time to see the bluemountain express pulling out of the station.Walked back to saravana bhavan for dinner.Ordered for a chappati.Realised the miserliness of the hotel when the chappati arrived.It was smaller than Lalu's brain.A flat 20 bucks robbed.
Was about to step out of the station when a few familiar faces caught my attention.It was the CSE guys,who were walking towards the mysore-kaveri express.Had a few words with some of them.
World Bank has granted 13 crores to improve infrastructure in the college.The students are obviously happy for they no longer have to put up with 250 year old machines,347 year old motors and generators and dingy classrooms.
Curses in his latest post,wrote abt the condition of chennai's buses.The reason may be because Lalu's cows graze on them.

###--Girls,that statement is not meant to hurt you.It was just my feedback on that article.If u still feel like removing ur footwear,please wait.Unplugged-nu oru nalla payyan irukkan.Avanayum kootikittu varaen,sethu vechu adeenga.
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