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Friday, August 19, 2005
When Murali invited me to his college for his CSEISMIC,I was doubtful whether I could make it.But curses' fabulous site design for the event changed my mind and I decided to go not wanting to lose this opportunity which was making its third appearance in my under-grad career.

After the avani avittam, I set off for KCG college with another guy.I intended to bunk Quality Control class,in the process losing two attendance hours.I was amazed at the sight of the college,particularly its location by the side of a lake where only buffalos bathe.A cool breeze keeps blowing lending some respite from the heat.On my way to the main building from the parking lot,I admired the infrastructure of the campus(this was the first time I was coming to a private college).

Once inside the main building,I began to wonder if it was really a college for the place resembled a picnic spot.Four boys and a girl on a sofa.Boy's hand on girl's shoulder.Way to go,I mumbled to myself as I headed to the registration desk which was flanked by a couple of girls who I recognised to be my juniors in school.The event co-ordinator who sported a not-so-accurate Priyasaki hairstyle,told me to go to the inauguration while our names were being registered.

The inauguration was the usual one commencing with an invocation song by two saree-clad girls who were part of the sapthaswarangal KCG team.I had just enough time to admire them that the song went unheard.One of the girls in the audience spotted me and signalled a "hi" which I reciprocated.While the principal of the college spoke,someone called out my name.It turned out to be abilash,one of my best friends in school.He left for the quiz when the chief guest was about to speak and I followed suit.

At the quiz room,curses was displaying his kadamai unarchi with barath assisting him.As usual the questions turned out to be cryptic for an average level quizzer like me.some questions pertained to very recent happenings while others were simply hard to crack.For a guy like Vinod,it'd have been a cakewalk.Time was running out so my partner suggested that we scribble random answers.We did so in the process of which we answered a Harry potter question on some kind of a potion as "Ashtavaniyambadi choorana thailam".

Next I completed the debugging contest which actually turned out to be a bugging one.There were typographical and syntax errors and the contest was just like an entrance exam.My partner anandh took part in the gaming contest too which I missed because of an improper queueing model.In the meantime I caught up with most of my schoolmates,kannan,susi,murali,kabali,barath,abilash,hemant and a few girls.

The lunch break was scheduled for 1230.But it arrived an hour late like the Dadar-Chennai express.The lunch was to be served near an open courtyard.We spent the one hour bird-watching.I found the reason why birds migrate to vedanthangal only after october.b'cos for the rest of the year they're here.Birds of all shapes,sizes and attires were present.Most of them seemed to be sisters of fashion models falling into the category of vaalai-pala-thol-valikki-vaalibar-uyir-ooshal.The others looked simple but looked gutsy like "morathaala puliya adicha ponnunga".

The courtyard was the ideal picnic spot.The sisters of fashion models were posing for photos and were being photographed by brothers of P.C.Sreeram.At one corner,near a stairway,was a couple with the girl lying on the guy's lap.A rakhi-tying session was going on near the reception with a girl poonakutti tying a rakhi on her classmate pulikutti's wrist thus laying the foundation for a blood relationship.Curses was still displaying his kadamai unarchi on the second floor,salvaging his "nalla-paiyan" image.One peculiar figure I spotted in the courtyard was a guy who was bathed in maida maavu.I learnt from murali that he was a 3rd yr guy named sharath.

At around 130 I left for college for the "value-addition" class.On reaching anna university,I felt like going back to kcg for the rest of the day.I'd had enough of the 200 year old red building and my department which resembles a dungeon.On the contrary the serene location of kcg and its vedanthangal atmosphere had got the better of me.Who next--SSN,Hindustan,st.josephs,VIT.....?
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