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Friday, August 12, 2005

3237.Read the figures in my latest telephone bill.This was the highest amount recorded in two years.The rate at which this figure was reached was higher than the Bombay sensex.Dial-up constituted 80% of this amount.So I decided to cut down internet usage which is why I havent been posting for the past one week.

It's not only the high call rates that made me abstain from using the net.The assessments in college contributed equally.

It is the unit tests which are popularly referred to as assessments in CEG.The tests go on for two weeks during which tests for all the 7 theory papers are conducted.The question papers amount to various marks starting from 20 and extending to 50.I faced one paper in my 3rd sem which was worth 24.77 marks out of which i scored 21.36.These marks determine the grade points.

The one thing that these tests actually assess is your story writing skill.Only one chapter forms the portions.But this one chapter has a number of sub-chapters which are discrete chapters in the textbook.The long answer question always turns out to be one from the chapter which you havent bothered to touch.And that turns out to be the mandatory question,too according to Murphy's law.You are left with no other choice except to display your story writing skills.

The assessments in my college are held in one of the four drawing halls in that 200-year old red building.200 yr old fans,heritage old tables,drawing boards bought in 1899,bits and pieces of the ceiling falling down,all contribute ergonomically to your story writing skills.

There are some who borrow too many additional answer books that you could bind them into a 5-subject notebook.There's one such case in my class.I got a chance to see what she writes in her paper,when she was absent,the other day.I found that there was absolutely nothing in her paper.She writes only 5 lines per page when college standards specify u to write 15-20.The gap between two lines is so broad that u can lay a broad gauge line there.The margin--almost at the centre of the page that the top portion of the sheet resembles the soon-to-be IT expressway.Added to this is the "jigina" work of underlining,blockquoting etc.That girl is from DAV.

Ever since 2nd sem,when I was caught for no fault of mine,I've stopped believing in strategies.Instead I reel off stories to such an extent that Mani ratnam can make a film out of it.Some of the stories I'd have weaved so far:

*2nd sem electrical engg:--Explain 3-phase.
Half of arumugam,one-third of ravana.

*electronic engg:-describe ramp signal.
One used in fashion shows to send the model,back.

*which is the most effective type of transistor and why?
the one which receives all radio stations,which doesnt need a battery replacement.

*3rd sem thermodynamics--Explain the various accessories used in a boiler.
Lid,tap,milk,kettle and fire.

*A car's engine cannot be used for a two-wheeler.Why?
Cos a TW can't hold such a bulky item.(the actual answer had something to do with efficiencies)

*Solid mechanics lab viva--How do u measure the hardness of a tennis ball?
Keep playing with it.If it breaks early,it's not too hard.If it lasts long,it's very hard.

*4th sem fluid mechanics--differentiate between pumps and turbines.
Pumps--found in villages,has a long handle.
Turbines--found in powerplants,may or may not have a handle.

As for the current sem,I havent yet plunged into story writing.

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