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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Hardly a month has passed since the semester exams concluded.But the results are out.
My score in the 4th semester is 8.16 grade points.The cumulative score is 7.93.It is a boosting score for me since i could manage only 7.48 in the previous sem.Now my score graph shows a rise.

When I peer closely @ the score sheet on the notice board,I find 16 other people have fared better than me.I now stand 17th in terms of cumulative score.I was 14th till the third sem.There were 3 people whose CGPAs were edging over mine.This was like the Nurburgring F1 wer alonso's screwed up car cost him dearly.My lack of preparation,hanging out in the beach,brooding over ditched girlfriends,reading everything except the college textbooks cost me a decent score thus making way for those 3 to forge ahead.

The only encouraging words were "U've got 2 more semesters left.U can make up,then".Well,gone is gone.Time to introspect.

[My sincere apologies to harish and murali,just in case i've spoiled ur holiday moods,reminding u of PQT]
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