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Sunday, June 05, 2005
U leave a few important chapters,yet u score high---MAGIX
U study so much,yet u screw up--CURSES
Blend of the above two--THE ARGUMENT CONTINUES

U start the semester with the aim of topping the class,but u dont work hard and finally screw up---MORTAL VISION
What do u do if u fail in one attempt--keep LOOKING FOR A WAY.
What shouldnt u do in the above case--KRIB in the exam

Right from the start of a semester DREAM ON,as suggested by our president.
Inside the exam hall,concentrate on ur paper.Don't be bothered about what the CHENNAIGALWRITES.

Leave every page turned in ur textbook.Otherwise u'll be confronted by VAMPIRES in ur DREAMS.The next day u'll be MOSTLY THOUGHTLESS with ur paper containing FALSELY TRUE and FICTIONALLY FACTUAL statements.
It's better to have a dose of NIMBUPANI b4 going to the exam hall.
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