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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
To break the jinx of not watching a hindi movie for ages,I decided to watch Bunty aur Babli on monday.My project @ I.C.F concluded pretty earlier and I disembarked @ ega theatre on the way."Coming to steal ur heart and ur money" was the tagline of the movie.That was justified when the actual ticket costing 35 bucks was hiked to 60 bucks.Nevertheless I bought one.

It was 1115 when I bought the ticket and the show was only @ 1230.I decided to go to shopper's stop in the meantime.I found it was not as crowded as spencer plaza.I went straight to crossword bookstore and picked up a copy of MENSA BOOK OF LOGIC PUZZLES.By 1145 i came out and watched trains from atop the chetpet bridge for 15 minutes.

When I got back 2 the theatre I was surprised to find gangs of girls giggling away.There were very few couples surprisingly."The delhi and mumbai rape cases has probably forced chennai girls to be extra-cautious",I thought.It was 12 now and I sat on the steps watching the traffic on the poonamallee high road.I then noticed a familiar figure staring @ me from a bus.I found that it was one of my good old friends from coimbatore.I wanted to talk to her but unfortunately the signal turned green and the bus was gone.But she was smart enough to recognise me and waved her hand at me.I waved back.

Once inside the theatre I was sandwiched between 3 guys on my left and 3 gals on my right.Those 3 gals were lamenting from the moment they came in since they came late and they missed the "Mujhe bulaye re.." song.

The worst part was I couldnt hear most of the dialogues.The gal next to me kept commenting about rani to her friend."Oh look @ her costume","How skimpy her costume is","Y is aishwarya rai spoiling herself wearing such costumes","Amitabh looks so old,yaar" were some of the comments i could make out.Those gals were muching Lays chips.They munched 3 packets each b4 the interval and 2 after the interval.My god!Adding to all this was a 3 year old guy whose voice stood out in the hall.He kept yelling now and then drowning most of the dialogues.

The movie was over @ 330 and the credits were shown.That was then the actual title song came.It was rendered by Blazee.

Overall it was a kind of good movie but the climax was totally screwed up.Check out the bubblies too!

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