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Sunday, June 05, 2005
It's been ages since I took part in an open quiz.The last open quiz i took part was Landmark 2004.I missed Odyssey 2005 and IIT open 2005.

I took part in the QFI open with little knowledge and an IQ of 93.Vinod was at his usual best @ the stage with Krishnamurti and Vikram guiding him.I reached sharp at 3 to find the hall almost packed with the best brains from the city.I managed to join two corporates in their quest for a third member.

Some of the questions were really tricky,some were sitters and some googlies.Most of the audio and visual questions were sitters.The quiz started with the question
What service does 98410 72571 represent in chennai???
Observant brains tackled it right as "P James Magic show".Other tried chennai call taxi,helpline etc.
The leo coffee ad audio was played with the questions--what is the brand and who is the composer?
Almost everyone got it right as A.R.Rahman.
The anniyan song "Iyengar aathu.." was played with the question who the singer is.
Many got it right with Hariharan.
There was also the Swades version of the Baba song with the question,name the original piece and the piece that is playing.

The prelims ended @ 430pm.There was a break for half an hour and i headed off to anna university to check if any other dept results were out,so tht I could give a rude shock to those who were enjoying in their hometowns.Sadly all the depts were closed.I headed back to IIT @ 5 just in time to watch the finals.

It was the usual faces in the finals.The big brains from QFI were in the finals.There were 8 teams in all which consisted of QFI secretary gopal kidao,shivakumar,nandan saha,samanth subramaniam,the IIT-M team,actress kasthuri's team and 2 other teams from bangalore.The missing element was V.V Ramanan who did not show up.I did not stay thru the finals and left midway.

Next in line is MAHAQUIZZER by KQA @ the same venue next sunday.Awaiting it with a bated brain.

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