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Monday, November 28, 2005
Kribs No.1 made my day yesterday with a mega bloggers' meet i which some 50 odd people turned up.The meet was held at "Amethyst" in royapettah.The place is close to a popular fashion showroom whose name sounds like "Studio Sucks".

Met a lot of new people.Satyaprasad,Jaleel,VG,rakesh,sunil,My-three,akshay,quiz-king goach,...........(cant remember all the names)and old ones like somu,balaji,ravi,sophie,etc.

For details and photos click here and here.Like the previous bloggers' meet at YJ's(who didnt turn up yest) place,this one too was followed up with dinner at woodlands' drive-in.Scribbling pad somu dropped me home.Missed two VIPs---curses and lakshmipathi.
Now the serious stuff:
In the movie Sivakasi,Prakshraj sends away policemen, who come to his place because of some violence,stating that it was an intra-party fight.That's what has been going on in the Shiv Sena.Raj Tucker,Ball Tucker's nephew,is in a spat with his cousin Uddhav,who's Ball's son.The spat came soon after Shiv Sena lost the Malwan assembly election in konkan maharashtra.Now he has quit SS.SS has faced similar incidents in the past when Sanjay Nirupam and Narayan Rane quit the Sena following bitter terms with the supremo.These two are now in the congress and this has enabled congress to gain stronghold in the konkan region which was sena's strongpoint before the exit of Rane.It remains to be seen whether Raj Tucker joins the congress,which is waiting for him with betelleaves,bananas and manikchand gutkhas(vethalai,pazham and paakku).Such incidents are plain entertainment for a current-affairs-obsessed guy like me.But giving them exclusive coverage in news channels when one part of the country is reeling under floods caused by dambreaks,lake breaches and rains shows the priorities that news channels have set.Unfortunately what else can I do other than sit and watch such nonstop nonsense when CAS rules chennai?
Bihar is all set for a makeover thanks to Mr.Nutties kumar.No more helicopter campaigns.And do u notice the coincidence--the ex railway minister is the current bihar CM and the ex-bihar CM is the current railway minister.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
I've deleted the previous post because it was not posted by me.It so happened that I had left my blog edit page open in a friend's laptop after browsing at chennai central.That friend happened to come across the open page and posted the worldcup 2007 schedule as means of playing pranks on me.She knew how to post cos she's one long lost blogger.
Exams over at last!Did pretty well as usual.Hols for almost a month during which I'll be kept busy by the 15-day industrial training at Ennore Foundries.
By sheer accident and loss of some grey cells,I've discovered a fact about city names and state names.In Kerala and Tamilnadu most towns and cities' names begin with K and T,respectively.For instance Kerala has got Kollam(quilon),Kottayam,Kochi,Kozhikode,Kasargod,Kayankulam etc to name a few.

In the case of Tamilnadu it's an extensive list.Trichy,Tirunelveli,Thoothukudi(Tuticorin),Tiruchendur,Tiruchengode,Tirupur,Tirupatturs(one each in Vellore and Karaikudi districts),Tiruvannamalai,Taragampadi(Tranquebar in Nagapattinam dist),Theni(near dindigul),Tirunallar(nagapattinam dist),Tanjavur,Tiruvarur,etc.

As I was getting this list another list was getting generated in the background of my mind.There are a number of places in and around chennai whose names start with T. T.Nagar,Tiruvanmiyur,Tiruvottiyur,Tondiarpet,Triplicane,Tambaram,Tirumangalam(in anna nagar),Tirumullavoyal(near ambattur),Tirunindravur(near avadi),Tiruttani,Tiruvallur and Tirupati.

Any place I excluded,please tell.
In Karnataka it's a different pattern.Most towns start with B,the first letter of the capital city Bangalore.Check this--Belgaum,Bellary,Bidar,Bijapur,Bandipur,Bannerghatta,Belur etc.
Of the three Kerala's special b'cos ekta kapoor's scripting a serial based on kerala.It will probably be titled "Kyonki Kerala Karnatak ke neeche hain" or "Kabhi bhi Kerala,Kahin be kerala and will have 5768 episodes.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
The damned dial-up connection which keeps reminding me of skyscraping telephone bills and which forces me to browse at night subsequently denying me a good night's sleep, is finally dead.I'm contemplating on getting a broadband connection next.

Seems like the 24 hour news channels are all set to make a mockery of themselves.What's so interesting in discussing what happened during the cricket match?I'm talking about "Fourth Umpire"(without sappa figures like mandira bedi or roshni chopra*).Add to this a special review in Aaj Tak which has a jobless Saba Karim wielding a willow and providing a detailed account of how Dravid played his 87th ball and how sehwag got out supplementing it with what he should have done to stay in the crease.All this is followed up in a somewhat different manner in Star News which has reporters fanned out to the venue of the next game to capture the audience's mood.The most indigestible part is the brainless polls.Taking wickets is Irfan's and Agarkar's niche.If they take five wickets in one game it is doubtless that he will be available for the next game.Do we need a poll to tell us that?

Add to all this the case of news channels rating themselves as the best.CNBC rates itself as the best and this is published in Business World.Surprisingly NDTV once rated itself as the best and this was published in India Today.This was long back.How do they measure viewership?Who stays glued to news channels these days.People like me only keep switching between channels.Is there anybody out there who is "attached" to any particular news channel(apart from headlines today)?

Vinod is finally back in action after 1.25 months.And chennai has every reason to be proud for the nov 1 bangalore "landmark" quiz saw two teams from chennai coming first and third.

*The attu figure, roshni chopra, has moved to Zee music.
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