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Monday, March 27, 2006
provided you dont have any luggage to carry.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
The last two weeks were damn hectic.In an effort to prepare the hard copy of my project work,I spent five sleepless nights in the college hostel.One final review,that's better called viva voce, due this Friday and it will be all over for this semester.

It's worth describing hostel block 5.This building is situated deep inside the campus in a semi-jungle.The inmates who are allotted this block seem to have a passion for cricket.Every batch that gets accomodated here consists of cricket-crazy guys and it's a coincidence that this happens every year.Cricket is played everywhere in and around this block.While playing inside,tubelights and bulbs get broken and it takes the management about a year and a half to replace it.In the meantime the entire block would be in darkness and it would easily pass off for a night-club for any passer-by.The only source of light is that from the rooms.

It's one guy per room but sometimes a room that's smaller than a Saravana Bhavan idli fits upto four or five guys,who prefer to stay with their gals err... pals rather than alone.Deer,rats,mongooses and snakes thrive around this building.It's a common sight to see mongooses and beavers suddenly darting past the block after dusk.

There's not much that can be said about this murky,dark,old "haunted mansion" and so I conclude here.
Sachin falters in the first innings of his so-called landmark test match and that too at his home ground.Gets booed by the people of his own city who have now offset their support towards Sourav.But the BCCI's hostile to him as usual.Munaf Patel gets a green signal in place of a talented Zaheer Khan.Ellam Pawar-play.
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Monday, March 13, 2006
Getting into an internationally reputed 200-year old engg. college implies that you have to often face guest lectures from persons,paying a casual visit to the college, who are better known as alumni.Such lectures are also a good chance to capitalise on for a good nap,courtesy the airconditioned seminar hall,cosy chair at the far corner of the room and the speaker's voice which is more of a lullaby.

Today was no different.A monk from Bhakti Vendanta Institute gave a lecture today on Consciousness in Science,a peculiar topic that finally boiled down to "Ellaam Maayai".He spoke at length about how most scientists lose their eyesight trying to discover particles called electrons that are smaller than a Saravana Bhavan idli.

Now the whole concept of Quantum physics sounds very weird.It all started when one scientist noticed bubbles in his water bottle and called them "molecules",not wanting to use the cliched term,bubbles.Another one examined a bubble with a magnifying glass and on noticing a small speck of dirt on the lens,swaying front and forth,called it atom.Thus was born the weird concept of quantum physics.

This atom was also not spared.Out of this atom were born,nucleus,protons,neutrons and electrons all of which were noticed by various scientists in their dreams(probably).While one scientist concluded that electrons revolve around the nucleus like a group of youngsters in Alanganallur trying to tame a bull,yet another stated that electrons flow and this is what produces electricity.

When one thought this was all,some new physicists leapt into the mainstream for want of fame,and came up with leptons,baryons and kryptons.Well,we've deviated from the original topic quite far.In all guest lectures can be exciting depending upon the speaker.An aniticipatedly dull one may turn out to be intriguing and vice versa.But it's always a chance to have a good sleep gievn the fact that you dont sleep well in the class.
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
My orkut fortune statement for today read "A good time to finish pending tasks."I got the same statement 6 days ago.However as if such statements are anything to go by,I did complete some backlogs today but not without accumulating tasks to complete in the long-term.Talk about swaying fortunes.
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Friday, March 03, 2006
"Paritrana",a party formed by IIT alumni is finally here.It's going to contest the assembly polls in the TamilNadu and Kerala.And this group consisting of young blood claims to be different from other political parties in that it doesn't believe in gerontocracy.Read the report here.

Seems like the nation's in for good times ahead.

Update:Vaiko, the president of MDMK,who was recently seen vacillating on the issue of alliances for the forthcoming assembly elections in TN,has,in what seemed like an unprecendented move,allied with Amma.Read the report here.This is a heavy blow to the DPA(Democratic "Progressive" Alliance)which is currently campaigning in Trichy.

The odds have begun shifting towards AIADMK and it remains to be seen if the Saviour of India,Captain Vijaykanth, too allies or goes it alone in the polls.
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Thursday, March 02, 2006
A fairness cream for men does not seem like an intriguing product and any guy who uses this product might be doing so for many reasons,one of them being lack of self-esteem and another,lack of girlfriends.Little does he know that he's using an injurious product.

Initially targeted at women,fairness creams have been responsible for creating a sense of "Fair is beautiful" in the minds of women.Most of the FC ads show a dark-complexioned bride getting rejected by her would-be.She then uses an FC and later gets wedded to the same guy who ditched her during the engagement.The impression these ads generated was that if a girl is not fair,she will not get married.This led to a number of suicides among women and the government set up suicide-control bureaus which were headed by Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy but this didnt change things either.The number of suicides only increased tenfold.

The actual product is a blend of chemicals that harm your skin.They might even burn your skin to a greater extent that a soodukottai.You may become one Shahrukh Khan or Madhavan or even Laloo Prasad Yadav but only at a later stage you would realise the worst consequences.

What then should guys do to be fair?To be handsome?To be heart-throbs?To be chic-magnets?Firstly have a good shave periodically.For those,for whom beard grows faster than the release of a Microsoft software,you have no other option except shave once in two days.Secondly and most importantly,talk(I should not be the one who must advise other people to talk,but sometimes laconic attitude does help).Shun these fairness creams.Thirdly,smell good.AXE is the ideal choice.

Disclaimer:The contents mentioned in this post are,in no way,meant to bring down the sales of F&H.There are a lot of aspiring chic-magnets out there who will buy the product.
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Then: You used to carry one notebook each for english,hindi,science(which later split itself into physics,chemistry,botany and zoology),mathematics,social studies etc..
Now:You incorporate 6 subjects into a single 192-page notebook.

Then:It was considered mandatory for you to carry a red nike symbol on each page of every single notebook.
Now:No more nikes!

Then:You had to necessarily carry a heavy satchel to school.
Now:Either it's a light satchel or empty hands.

Then:You had to seek the permission of many staff members before going out during working hours.
Now:You can come and go as you like.No restrictions.

Being in school was as equally exciting as being in college.I can't believe that time has flown so fast.And I can't believe that I've just written my 100th post.
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