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Thursday, October 26, 2006
A different kind of practical session is going on in the "laboratory" of the Indian cricket team.And like other practicals that happen in schools every year,this too is in the form of experiments.And it has gone a bit too far that I hope I would not be too late before the Indian cricket team finds itself searching for its feet before World Cup'07.

Are these experiments doing the team any good?Picture this:When seamers likeAjit Agarkar, Zaheer Khan,L Balaji and Ashish Nehra had to be sidelined due to injury,two years ago,young blood in the form of Munaf Patel,R.P.Singh and V.R.V Singh came to the fore,of course,not to forget Irfan Pathan.Now the situation has bloomed into one wherein the latter category is exceeding expectations(of the BCCI selection committee) and the former,still battling it out in domestic cricket to regain their rightful places in the team.It would interesting to see the type of decision strategy the selection committee will apply before the world cup.One only hopes that it wouldnt lead to DEGENERACY.

Things dont look good on the batting front too.The now common experiment of Pathan batting at No.3 just seems a bit weird.It looks weirder,still,after the experiment continues even after Pathan's inability to stay at the crease for not more than 10 seconds.

Another cricketer who has failed to meet expectations is Dhoni.Of late he seems to be more keen on endorsements than cricket.His statistics in the last 8 matches present a sorry picture:an average of 18.00 with a high score 43.His poor show in the recent Champions Trophy match against England only supplements the notion of his being in poor form.Dhoni walked in to the centre when his team was at 98 after 16 overs.The target was not too high at 126.This meant 28 to win from 34 overs.Just when one expected the "explosive" batsman to wrap things up within 3 overs,the match carried on,and on,and on till the 30th over.To top it all,it was Yuvraj singh who was partnering Dhoni at the centre.Given the huge time gap between the 16th over and close of play,one could have endured a movie like Sillunu Oru Kaathal.

With the Champions Trophy match between India and West Indies on,with two wickets already down,it remains to be seen if the "explosive" batsmen live up to expectations.If they don't chuck them and give Ganguly his due(but such things happen only in blogs)
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Monday, October 16, 2006
A new tag.This time it's from the karaoke gal. The objective of this tag is to bring out the 6 weirdest things about myself.

1)I hate the taste of mango fruits but I relish drinks like Frooti.

2)Whenever I borrow a friend's bike and if the fuel indicator points to the red zone(which in technical terms is called "reserve")I go for a refill immediately.But I dont do that in my bike.I wait till the fuel tank almost completely runs out of fuel.

3)Whenever a vehicle overtakes me the first thing my eyes catch is the number plate.This is true even if the person driving the vehicle is a PYG(pretty young girl.PYT's a general acronym)

4)The first thing that I do after boarding a bus is get a ticket.Finding a place to sit comes next.On most occasions,it so happens that I hurriedly buy a ticket,find a seat in the front only to find the conductor walking to the front to issue tickets.

5)Walking into the college canteen with the plan of eating a sumptuous full-meal.But then looking at the length of queue at the counter,I change my mind and buy a plate of chappati instead.

6)If there's anything else weird in me,that I can think of,it's my hairstyle.No matter how much care I accord to it using the best available coconut oil,some ayurvedic oils,oils that bring down the heat from the head etc.the rate of fall is always higher than the rate of growth.

I'm not tagging anybody specific.This is to avoid the wrath of those whose names I dont mention here.Therefore it's open to anyone who has the guts to take it at his/her own risk.
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Saturday, October 14, 2006
10th Std--There were too many subjects-12,to be precise.All had to be studied within a span of 12 months.Hence life was hectic even in 10th Std.

12th Std--The number of subjects came down to 6 but these had to be studied within 6 months.Therefore life was hectic in +2.

College--The number of subjects drastically came down to atmost 7 per semester.But again,no space to breathe for these 7 subjects had to be studied within 4.5 months(a timespan,better known as a semester).

Final year is no different.Only 4 theory papers to contend with and if you there's enough room for more air,you are wrong.These 4 papers coupled with CAT preparations,Techfest groundwork etc are enough to put your brain into a state of dormancy that you run out of topics to blog about.Sometimes people like this fellow uses his blog as a biography wherein one is reminded of Vedam Jaishankar's book on Rahul Dravid.

Having run out of good topics to blog about,I'm taking a temporary break from blogging.Till then enlighten yourself by reading my older posts.If those suck,then infuse some life into Sarvesh's blog.
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Sunday, October 08, 2006
Rain played spoilsport to cricket for the 729396 th time in Chennai on Oct 4 on the occasion of the Challenger Trophy final between India Red and India Blue.Harish and I rode all the way from Guindy to Chepauk only to find a long queue outside the 'B' stand,which happens to be the least expensive of all the stands at MAC.Not wanting to wait in long queues for a ticket costing Rs.75/-,we bought tickets in "black",paying an additional Rs.25.We were joined,later,by Aanand,Guru,Muthu,Kathir,Maravan,Prathap,J V and Prabu.

It was a fantastic crowd(atleast in the B stand) and the good weather seemed to complement it.Sachin was welcomed with a huge roar only to be dismissed by Zaheer Khan for a duck.Then there were entertaining innings from Sehwag,Dravid and Yuvraj till 5 pm when it began pouring.Then came the covers.

It was then announced at around 6:45pm that the pitch would be inspected at 6:50.The two umpires walked all the way from the pavilion to the pitch only to be confronted by a second shower.At last it became clear that the match would not resume.All that we could manage in the end was a photo session.
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