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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
When I received the letter of joining from a reputed IT company in which I'm placed, I was thrilled at the prospect of being in a world-class training centre in Mysore. Not without reason for the letter came out in the midst of rumours that went around saying that the training would be at the new facility at Mahindra City and not at Mysore. Thankfully it turned out to be Mysore and being part of a totally different culture, one that I was not acquainted with, was something I was looking forward to.

On the way to Mysore I discovered the reason why nine out of ten persons claim that Bangalore is an over-hyped city.

Mandya and Srirangapatna were sufficient testimony to why Karnataka needs lesser Kaveri water than TamilNadu.

Upon reaching the campus I was greeted by Telugu voices on all sides. There seemed to be a huge influx of students from Andhra Pradesh, most of them possessing an Einstein-like brain but talking, what they call, Butler English or Queen's English.

Language is not at all a problem given the proximity of Mysore to TamilNadu but when it comes to dealing with auto drivers the situation is entirely different. Just a few Tamil words from my mouth and I find the auto driver frowning at me.

Food turned out to be the biggest problem for one who's accustomed to idli, dosa and filter coffee. While every attention has been paid to ensure maximum comfort and ambience to employees, the food aspect has been ignored largely. For thirty rupees you get a plate of what is called the Meals but sans Sambar and Rasam.

It would be a few more months before I can return to regular blogging. Till then, Adios.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007
When the viva voce session of my final year project came to an end on May 10th, I realised I had successfully completed four years of college when it suddenly struck me, then, that I had not watched a single movie for two whole months. It was project reviews, assessment tests and semester exams that kept me occupied. I decided to break the jinx and decided to go for a movie when I realised I did not have company. But it so happened that there was nothing else worthy of being called a leisure activity and so I decided to go alone for a movie. It was "Unnale unnale" at Sathyam cineplex.

A horrible movie. Most of my friends who saw the movie termed it as nice but somehow I did not like it. The characters did not appeal to me. The entire movie had a paranoid heroine, possessive about her boyfriend, getting pissed off each time her boyfriend spoke to some other girl. A waste of 80 rupees, I thought, at the end of the movie.

Some days later, I watched Chennai 600028, in my hometown at Nagercoil. An amazing movie, contrastingly different from UU. What appealed to me, the most, was the characters with whom I could associate myself with. In fact, some of the characters resembled some of my close friends. A wonderful movie at a rate that is half the price of the ticket at Sathyam--it cost me just Rs.39 (25 rupees ticket + 10 rupees popcorn + 4 rupees to and fro bus fare).

All this "exhilarating movie-watching experience" in a multiplex would be useless if the movie sucks big time.
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