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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
After living under the control of the Conditional Access System for the past four years, nothing makes me happier than getting to watch channels that came under the control of the CAS. Previews of "Star Cricket" did the rounds in ESPN and Star Sports and I was excited at the prospect of watching cricket matches throughout the day when resistance came in the form of a room-mate who watches regional (read Tamil) channels with utmost interest.

On the 5th day of the first test match between India and England, I went into my room hoping to catch some excitement from the match when I found this roomie watching a Ramarajan movie on KTV, cuddled up in bed with the remote under his blanket. I told him that the match was on in Star Cricket only to receive a response "This movie is thrilling. The climax will be on in a few minutes". "Few minutes" turned into one hour during which I was desperately hoping the movie would end.

The moment after it came to an end, I tried to lay my hand on the remote when the roomie switched to Vijay TV to watch "Kanaa kaanum kaalangal". In the meantime I was getting messages from friends saying the match was becoming interesting as India was losing wickets. I told this to my roomie, who replied that he was a regular watcher of the serial and that he never missed even a single episode. I had to wait for another half an hour.

After half an hour I got hold of the remote only to find that the match was over and that it had ended in a draw. This was it. I decided to unleash my fury at my roomie but I had to restrain myself as he was senior to me. Call it testing times!
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