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Thursday, July 28, 2005
1100,1108,2200,3300,6600,7180,7230,p780i,p760,t690 etc.Models of mobilephone brands,none of which I own.The absence of a cellphone has been bothering me ever since I stepped into anna university campus.Msging in class,notifying a professor of our whereabouts before a unit test,hostel ground floor guy calling third floor guy to come down and probably the best--7:30 in the morning,guy out from bed,calling his roommate in the bathroom enquiring whether water supply is still on.

I accumulated knowledge of the above models to make up for my non-possession of a mobile phone.Also I've noticed a vast difference in the way guys and gals use mobile phones.

Guys use it only when necessary.Have a free SMS scheme;summa msg adichu thalluvaanga(curses mathiri).

But gals use it in a different manner.I've noticed many such gals since moving out from tiruvanmiyur to besant nagar.One of them keeps catching my attention every morning.She comes walking from the corner of my street with the mob in her hand.Walks all the way to the bus stop with the mob glued to her ear.At the bus stop,it refuses to leave her ear.Boards the bus with the mob still in her ear.Sitting or standing,the mob is still in her ear.She never lifted it from her ear all that while.I could arrive at two conclusions from this:

----In order not to be disturbed by jobless guys,she pretends to be busy discussing kaveri prachanai with somebody else.

----She doesnt want to be approached by gal-seekers with roses.

A common fact linking these two is that she is a cute-looking girl and she thinks she is one.I've decided to do something different the next moment I see her--oru kevalamaana look vidanum(JJ maddy style).

There's this other type of gal who wears short-tops and jeans with a dupatta worn in one of the styles Praveen describes.While starting for college,she waves a goodbye to her parents.In they go,out comes the cell from her handbag.It does not matter, to whom she is talking to.It's a funny sight of her trying to ergonomically adjust her handbag and her short-top especially.Tries to avoid showing off in public.Aadi sale-la size-a kooda discount pannittanga pola irukku.

This was what the mechanical engg guys of my college, who dont have a single gal in their class,did during IIT-Saarang 2005.We,a group of 8 guys, saw a group of some 3 or 4 gals coming towards us,each with a cell in her ear.When they were close by,7 in the group shifted the mod from their pockets to their ears.The exception was me,who was given the earphones of one of the mobs.The gals passed by,giving us a kannagi-like look.

It all boils down to one thing ultimately--to prove to the world that they already have a boyfriend.Putting it in A.R.R style,
"Aalillaamal cellphone-la pesinaa,
Vethu scene-nu artham."

Paathu use pannungamaa.
"Vanthu-da poguthu brain tumour
Un life-la irukkaathu humour".
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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Chat rooms.I came across this term sometime back in 2001.I thought it was a separate dining hall in Saravana bhavan tht serves bhel puri.I later understood the actual meaning of it.

My first tryst with chat was in 2003 when I stepped into a Yahoo chat room.I did this since there was an article in The Shatabdi........err......... Indian Express about the advantages of chat.One of these advantages,mentioned,was "........helps you get in touch with people from other cities or countries."

As a mark of respect to my country,I stepped into the "India" room.There were mostly males in the room,all jobless gal-seeking desperados.I messaged a few of them.None of them responded.Most guys have their ids, designed to attract gals,like chintu_salman,salmanseekingash,romeoforjulietsonly and many more.Whom u expect to be salman-like,turns out to be a puny fellow.And those seeking ash are mostly busy corporates who r actually looking for a cigar.

Some design it better:rakesh_friendofall,harish_palofguyz(not curses),frndshipwithall,etc.But when u send them an IM,u wont get a response.Also they put forward a question--ASL plz.What I thought to be Automatic Spindle Leveller of a drilling machine turned out to be "Age Sex Location".U get rejected by such desperados if u r above 20 and if u r male.

What are these fellows actually seeking in girls?To find out I created an alternative profile with a female name and went to chat.The next moment,my screen was flooded with IMs all from guys.I had a tough time closing each window,cursing myself for having done such a cheap**** thing.

One fellow seemed decent so I picked up a chat with him.After a few minutes,he asked "Do u like s*x?"I didnt respond.He kept buzzing me.I simply clicked Ignore.

I quit chatting when I realised my semester scores were going down.I wanted them to soar like the Bombay sensex.From then on,I dont visit chat rooms often.

Overall it's a wonderful experience if the person on the other end is not a desperado.I've managed to make a few frnds.I've confirmed their identities with the phone nos they gave me.

So go ahead and chat,but stick to ur limits.It's always better to network in the real world than in the virtual.

****--I thought it was a cheap thing but Indian Express writer Bishwanath Ghosh did the same thing.Indha mathiri pammaathu velayellam senja,cyber crime police pudichuruvaanga.
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Sunday, July 17, 2005
I've become totally jobless after entering college.I dread weekends and vacations.The beach is an ideal way to spend weekends for a south-madras guy but the problem is i dont get company.Most of the time I go there alone staring at couples thinking what koundamani said in singaravelan "Ellarum jodi jodiyaa alayiraanga,aanaa naamma?Ippadiaye pona evanavathu karapanpoochi thalaiyanoda thaan suthanam".

Other times,I take up this useful work of exploring madras city.Simply board a bus.Go to whatever its final destination is.Catch the same bus and return.Or return by electric train if there's a service.This way I've got to know purasawakkam,ayanavaram,villivakkam,padi and ambathur better.North of the city is what I havent seen much of.Some have begun to term it as a crazy thing and me as a "mad jacka**".

Today it was East tambaram.Boarded the bus in besant nagar.One would be surprised to find the velachery-tambaram road in tip top condition.As is the case of any bus belonging to the chromepet depot,the one in which i was travelling,too broke down at medavakkam.Heat was emanating out of the radiator.I was asked to lend a hand in pushing the bus to the corner of the road."Superman mathiri irukkeenga.Neengalum vaanga sir" was wat the conductor told me.

I reached east tambaram in another bus.There was nothing to see,so I headed to the railway station and caught a train to saidapet,from where I returned home.

What I found as an excellent way to pass time,soon became monotonous thanx to the city's weather and that battered long green thing called bus.The only positive outcome is that I'd been able to help curses occasionally.I've saved quite a few people the trouble of shelling out their property for travelling in an auto.

Just in case u wanna go to the beach or roam around the city or if u r searching for road routes in chennai ,contact me.But still I'm jobless.
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Thursday, July 14, 2005
I'm not sure if this is a relevant title for this post.Those expecting Mallika Sherawat or Neha Dhupia stuff may leave this post and watch "Saniyan".

I've been stripped off the post of deputy class representative,thanks to the union elections in college.Some jobless final year guy had it seems campaigned in the class in my absence.The class advisor noticed this and screwed him.He that I was a contender.The C.A did not like it and appointed another fellow.The reason he cited was that the latter was more consistent in his semester scores.

This is how elections in the erswhile engg college happen.Right from day 1 the final year guys get out of the placement moolahs and groups of them,claiming to be experts,discuss elections.Finally the hostellers form one group and the day-scholars another.Each one nominates one guy for the post.

The next day these two groups go about assimilating info from each class on who was contending.In those classes who unanimously elect their reps,these groups induce the election mood into them.It was the same scenario this year too.But the non-IT branches of the college stayed away since the top contenders were always frm ECE,EEE,IT or CSE.

The new vice-chancellor came down heavily up on this issue and issued a stern "NO" to the whole process.But a lot of hearsay has been going on and I'll have to wait to see wat happens next.In the meantime,I'm off to watch "Saniyan".

P.S:-Magix whose blogs r full of magix n curses has decided to call it quits.Probably he'll hang his PC.
What made him take such a drastic decision?
Advani returned from pakistan only to be demanded to be quit,by the RSS.Magix too returned but from where?Did he use the word "secular"?Did anyone pressurise him to quit?If so,was it the RSS?Is he old enough to retire?What would he do after quitting?Set up a blogging coaching centre in tiruvanmiyur?What would he teach there?
Probably he would teach how to post build-ups.

These thoughts crossed my mind yesterday when I was brooding over this issue.He is an absolute necessity to the blogosphere like the brake of a car.After I began reading his posts I could infer that he had a passion for two things in particular--blogs and dogs.

Come back,da!
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Monday, July 04, 2005
ELEVATED:-I've stepped into my 3rd year of college.The new academic year came like a bolt out of the blue.I myself couldn't believe that I'd rather successfully completed two years.
Now that 3rd year has arrived,"placement" is the buzzword in the erstwhile,green campus at the heart of the city.My class advisor spent a monotonous two hours advising us to solve puzzles,read the dictionary,go to the library as frequently as possible et al.
The news is that I've been elevated to the post of class representative.I never knew I could do it.I never thought it would be sappa matter to be a class rep.The duties that have been thrust upon me are renewing the computer centre passes,renewing bus and train concessions,hand over marks sheets to the entire class and lots more.

RULES-ACADEMICS KA BULLSHIT FORMULA:-The new Vice chancellor seems to be tougher than his predecessor.This fellow has now brought out a code of conduct for students.Now we can no longer wear fancy t-shirts and jeans pants.Only formals with shoes.Shirts must be tucked in.There are rumours that only full slack t-shirts are permitted.Full slack ellam potta veyil thaanga mudiyathu.Some persons would be appointed to supervise the students.Guys not abiding by these rules would be taken to task by these "Saniyans".
P.S--This is yet to be formally declared.

MALE-PADIPPU:-The subjects from this sem onwards are mostly management stuff.Today it started with Economics with the lect,babbling something about Y most industries dont sustain.But I was comfortably seated at the back,right under the fan,next to the window.The combination of two types of breezes put me into a short slumber,later waking up to find my name being called out.I sensed something bizzarre,but all that happened was the lect asked me for the nominal name list.

FLYING TRAIN:-Went to parrys corner yesterday to buy some cheap stationery.Planned to return home by MRTS.Off I headed to Beach station only to discover that the MRTS ran only upto Mylapore on sundays.But not wanting to miss the opportunity,I bought a ticket to mylapore itself.I was surprised to find the compartments empty.No fly,no crow.At mylapore I found that there were only about 10 passengers in all in the 6-coach train.At peak hours,the train is run with just 3-coaches with passengers cramming for space like in Mumbai.
The second phase of MRTS from mylapore to tidel park is yet to be completed with a majority of work still left.But the government has gone into discussing the possibility of underground metro along anna salai and poonamallee high road.

RANDOM:-How do u identify a tamilian in "cosmopolitan" Bangalore?He is one who asks for the fare before getting into an auto.
An optimist is one who thinks bullshit is fertilizer.
On saturday,I was cruising along mount road when I saw an A18 bus spewing heavy smoke.In the front and rear of the bus were the words"Maanagara perunthu,maasatra perunthu"(Metropolitan bus,pollution-less bus).
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Saturday, July 02, 2005
They now form an integral part of every television channel since they boost or decrease TRPs depending upon their quality.It gives one the opportunity to hear his/her voice on the television.They are the various dial-in programmes which come in handy when there are no other useful programmes to fill up a half-hour slot.Following are some of the usual conversations.

Anchor:Hello,I'm Swati(a sample name)of Sun Music.
C:Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!(a loud yell)
A: Hello
C:(calling her kith and kin in the background)Come fast,i've got connected.
C:(waits for the entire locality to gather)
C:(finally speaks up)Hello,my dad is nearby.Talk to him.
A:Sure.Hand over the receiver to him.
C:Hello madam I'm so-and-so's dad.How are u?
A:I'm fine.How about u?
C:Talk to my neighbour.He's nearby.unfortunately the neighbour is yet to arrive.the dad goes in search of him.there's noone near the reciever
C:-------(disconnected.a tiny tot coolly replaces the receiver in its original location)

A:Hello,I'm swati from Suryan FM
C:Hello madam how are you?
A:I am fine.How about you?
C:Madam,I like all your programmes.
C:Yes madam.I've watched all of them with my family.
A:Thank you.But this is the only programme I present and this session is my first one.

A:Hello,I'm swati from Suryan FM
C:Hello madam how are you?
A:I am fine.How about you?
C:Madam,I like all your programmes.
A:Thank you sir.Where are you calling from?
C:I'm calling from Madurai.My wife is nearby.Talk to her.
A:Yeah sure.
C:Hello madam,how are you?
A:I am fine.What's for lunch,madam?
C:Idli and Pongal.
A:That's supposed to be breakfast,right?
C:Yeah but we eat that for lunch too.
A:Could you give me some?
C:Oh sure but you will be left with stale food by the time you arrive here.Is that ok with you?

Sometimes celebrities are roped in to boost TRPs.Here's a sample.
A:Hello,I'm swati from Suryan FM
C:Hello madam how are you?
A:I am fine.How about you?
C:I too am fine.
A:Talk to Shakti Kapoor.
SK:hello sir how are you?
C:I'm fine sir.I liked all your movies.
SK:That's good.
C:You know what,I watch your movies on the first day itself.
SK:Very good.Are u so avid a fan?
C:Not really.I do that because your movies are lifted off the theatres the next day.
SK:Very good.How do u feel while watching?
C:It was very eerie in the theatre.
SK:Eerie?But I havent made any horror movies so far.
C:I didnt mean that.What I meant to say was that I was the only soul in the theatre.

Yet another one:
A:Hello,I'm swati from Suryan FM
C:Hello madam how are you?
A:I am fine.How about you?
C:I too am fine
A:Sir please lower your television volume.
C:Television??I'm in a PCO.

That's it for this blog.I'm now off to call up suryan FM.Happy reading.
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