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Thursday, December 28, 2006
The world has already witnessed a disastrous day in Dec 26 in the form of killer waves but little does one know that the succeeding day i.e Dec 27 had also been tragic. In fact two tragedies had occurred that day. The first one happened in 1965 when a heavy weight Salman Khan was born with a naked torso that nearly made the nurse in the hospital, where he was born, collapse to death. The next tragedy occurred 20 years later when a lad called Chandrasekhar was born. He later condensed his name to Sekhar probably because he hated moons. He began creating mayhem around when he asked his professor 98 or XP when he was told to open the windows. Till then he has been popular with his PJs. He went on to become a genius moulded out of 0% perspiration, 0% effort and 100% flattery. He just turned 21 and he now realises that it is fun.
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POKIRI Music Review
Saturday, December 23, 2006
Nine songs, including a theme music, make up the music bouquet of Prabhu Deva's directorial debut, Pokiri.

The intro song sounds a bit different from the typical ones, tuned to suit the taste of Vijay (and his fans). "Aadungadaa enna suthi, naan ayyanaaru vettu kathi." Suggests that there might be some shades of Tirupaachi in this movie. Not to forget the lyrics which have the usual words of violence--"Adiyum odhaiyum kalandhu vechu, vidiya vidiya virundhu vecha pokkiri pongal." And I thought Pongal is celebrated with sugarcane.

The song that easily captures the listener is "Dole dole thaan." But the Telugu version (with some Hindi lyrics) sounds much better, specially if you have listened to that first and then the tamil one.

The other songs would qualify in the range of OK, average and below average. The rest you find out.
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After a seemingly long gap, it's time for yet another meeting of cyber-journalists. The venue is Elliots Beach in Besant Nagar, near the police booth. For further details check out the blog experts' (Gapp, Kausik, Mathematician and Maaveeran) sites. Any queries relating to dotqueens and pretty young things may be posted to them.
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Saturday, December 16, 2006
As the heated battle between the Trinamool Congress and the Left continues in West Bengal, over the allottment of land to Tata Motors for the production of the Rs.1 lakh car, one wonders if it is right on the part of Tata to acquire agricultural land for setting up a manufacturing facility. The business conglomerate, which, in a way, revolutionised industrialisation in India, claims that the farmers will not be affected and due compensation will be given.

This on one hand, the Left Front government in West Bengal is resisting threats of hunger-strikes by opposition parties. Chief Minister Buddhababu is bent on allotting Singur and only Singur to Tata. Laxmi Mittal, on his tour to India, signed an agreement with Arjun Munda, the Jharkand CM, for setting up a steel plant in the state. But he later backed out, due to delays in land acquisition and later went on to sign an agreement for a steel plant in Orissa. Cannot the Tatas take a cue or two from Mittal and look for land elsewhere? Ravi Kant, the MD of Tata Motors, says that establishment of the plant will be the first step towards industrialisation of West Bengal. Way to go, but now that Singur is going out of reach, the best alternative is to look for land elsewhere in West Bengal. This way industrialisation of West Bengal will get a headstart, and at the same time, Singur will not be affected.

Went to Trichy for the second time in the last one month. Small city, good roads, excellent (and comfortable too) public transport, lesser traffic signals. More peaceful. News is that it's going to be part of the booming infotech revolution. One could only hope that the city does not lose its sheen because of the establishment of IT parks and development centres.

A newly discovered fact : Oddanchatram, near Palani, in Dindigul district, is considered the vegetable bowl of the state. All vegetables are grown around the town and exported to Chennai, Madurai, Tuticorin, Coimbatore and almost all districts of the state and to even Kerala. Almost 45% of the vegetable supply to Kerala is from Oddanchatram.

The worst part of travelling in small cities like Trichy is the extensive use of air horns by government and private buses inside the city. Just walk around any of the narrow roads and you would soon be confronted by the shrill blare of a deafening sound that is nothing but the horn of the private bus coming from behind. The worst part is that these horns are used in full vicinity of the traffic policemen who turn a deaf ear to it. This situation applies to even towns like Coimbatore, Salem, Karur, Tirunelveli, etc where a good number of private buses serve to meet the public transportation needs of that town.

Now for the advantages of air horns. Or rather, the sole but significant advantage of air horns, which is, to signal to the vehicle in front to give way. Public interest litigations were filed, years ago, in the High Court by various NGOs to ban the use of air horns. A law was subsequently passed, but that applied to buses alone. Now the law seems have faded into oblivion. MTC buses zip through traffic blaring horns at full pitch. Violation of the law, you might think, but you could reach a far away place at a distance of say 10 kms in a record time of 30 minutes.

This is for the unassuming motorists who are subjected to the shrill blare from behind. What do you do in such circumstances? Simple, make way but make sure you don't run into the bus stop on the left.

While the preparations for Kurukshetra 2007 are a test to my management skills, I just noticed that the fest could make me blind for Kurukshetra is the anagram of Kurut Sekhar.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Why was the geology professor not satisfied with the oceanographer's thesis on "Underwater seafloor exploration?"

Because he found a lot of faults.
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Monday, December 04, 2006
Sagaro,in yesterday's issue of The Economic Times,said in an article on blogging that a blog with well-designed aesthetics attracts more visitors.Kiruba,too,held the same opinion.It is because of this that I've revamped my blog template.The grey background looks more pleasing to the eye than the blue in the older version.However I'm forced to do away with Haloscan commenting.Looking forward to a better future in blogging.
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