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Monday, June 26, 2006
I wouldnt be doing justice to Blogsville if I dont mention a word or two about the bloggers' meet that happened on June 24 at Ascendas High court err.....Food court at Taramani.About 25 people attended and it was total fun.However owing to long term memory loss,I dont have the details.Still check out these(the blogs and the respective owners too):King,GAPP,Hamdamn,Dryad,Princess ,Freak and Rustic Mystic.The others,sorry if I havent mentioned your names.You are at liberty to sue me in Dilbert Zone(that is better known as Comments section).Sequel to the meet,female bloggers' blogs have been registering hits of more than 100 per day and some male bloggers have seen a dip in hits.
An international edition of Reader's Digest has rated Mumbai as one of the rudest cities of the world.Now this comes as a shock to most Indians but many others seem to agree with the survey as it has come about at a time when electric trains keep getting crowded,the stock market keeps crashing every single day,the metro rail project has been inaugurated,when Rahul Mahajan got convicted for drug abuse and when this blogger moved to Mumbai.

One thing is for sure,the surveyor,or the representative from the consulting firm that carried out the survey,must be a multi-linguistic person.It so happened that a girl had brought her pet dog,Randy,for a walk along Marine Drive and Randy could not stand a billboard that carried a picture of a shirt-less Salman Khan.It released itself from the girl's hands and scurried away and then the girl ran behind her dog shouting "My Randy,My Randy".The surveyor turned up at that opportune moment.And thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

Another incident happened when the surveyor was travelling in an electric train and a co-passenger happened to be talking to someone over his cellphone.Unfortunately the signal was lost when the train crossed a signal and he had to shout "Hotha,hotha..." at the top of his voice for the person at the other end to hear properly.The surveyor happened to hear him and thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

This surveyor then happened to visit the Gateway of India with a friend from Andhra.At that moment a guy from Jharkhand, who had a face that resembled Arjun Munda and hairstyle that resembled M.S.Dhoni's,stood on the parapet wall facing the sea.A patrol policeman then motioned to the guy "Hey Jharkhandi,Hatt.Hey Jharkhandi,hey Jharkhandi."The surveyor's friend happened to be standing close to the Jharkhand guy and thought that the policeman wanted HER to move away from that place.She had mistaken Jharkhandi for Jeragandi and reported this to the surveyor.Thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

The surveyor was even more appalled to find an old man calling his grandson "Visuru,visuru",on a hot summer day.And it was a few moments before that the surveyor had watched the movie "Thenali"and she mistook the term Visuru.Old people dont have sense in this city,the surveyor thought and thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

In another incident,a poor lad from Tamilnadu was taken away by the police on account of eve teasing when he muttered something to a girl at a bus-stop and when the girl asked him to repeat it,he said "chumma".These guys dont have any decency,the girl said to the surveyor and thus Mumbai became the rudest city in the world.

One blogger highlights all good about Mumbai and another tries his level best to bring out some virtual incidents to justify the survey.Finally Mumbai is not such a bad place after all.
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Friday, June 23, 2006
"A man once boarded a Chennai-bound bus at Madurai and told his co-passenger to wake him up at Srirangam and fell asleep.The other passenger had to endure 3 hours,staying awake till Srirangam and once the bus touched Srirangam,he woke his sleeping partner.The other passenger awoke,shouted at the top of his voice "Sriranganaathaaaaaaaaaa" and went back to sleep.The other passenger was obviously annoyed."

A similar incident happened to me this evening.I boarded a Chennai Central-bound suburban train at Avadi station(I'm not going to annoy you further by writing about why I went to such a distant place in the suburbs.Just read on).I got into a half-empty coach and headed straight to what seemed like an unoccupied seat,only to find it occupied by a middle aged man lying down comfortably having all three seats in the row to himself.I sat opposite to him and he asked me suddenly "Sir,enga poreenga?(Sir,Where are you going?)". "Central ",I replied."Appo Basin Bridge-la ezhuppunga enna.(In that case wake me up at Basin Bridge").I agreed to do so.

The EMU train rambled along.Annanur,Tirumullavoyal,Ambattur.....suddenly the man woke with a start."Sir enna station sir?(Sir,which station,sir?)". "Ambattur",I replied and assured him that I would wake him at Basin Bridge.

The train went on.Pattaravakkam,Korattur,Villivakkam.....damn!The man had woken up again.He hurriedly put on his slippers and asked me "Basin Bridge-aa,sir?" in the same tone as he had asked in Ambattur.I said no and he told me to wake him up at Basin Bridge once again and went off to sleep.

In all probability,the man would next wake up at Perambur and ask the same question.Thankfully he didnt budge at Perambur Loco works,at Perambur Carriage works and at Perambur too,but he suddenly woke up on the way to Vyasarpadi.This was expected for the Chennai-Mangalore West Coast Express was moving in the neighbouring line towards Central and a shrill whistle from its engine had completely revived this guy from his seemingly deep slumber.As if he was sleeping for the past eight hours he stretched his body in an effort to activate his muscles.

He went over to the door,with slippers not in his feet but in his hands and hung in there till Basin Bridge,where he finally got down.The rest is history.The train chugged lazily into Central,I got down,boarded a so-called deluxe bus, that seemed to be "one cut" above the rest,to reach home.

P.S:In case you are wondering what the first part of the title means,it's the technical term used for the electric trains in Chennai.The trains here are called 9-CAR rakes,6-car rakes etc depending upon the number of coaches(which are not cars) they have.Hope you would have had a satisfying journey from Avadi to Chennai Central.
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Sunday, June 18, 2006
A three-year long struggle has finally ended with me getting into India's most respected company.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Germany's begun the FIFA WC on a high note by scoring 4 goals against Costa Rica,the highlight of the match being the fourth goal scored by Frings.While the entire nation expected chennai city to wallow in oblivion,the cable tv service providers have been kind enough to air the matches in Free-to-Air band.

Plenty of action for a month.And I've to face some real action next week.Try guessing what it is.Winners will get two 10-rupee tickets to the movie Pudupettai at Sathyam cineplex.
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Monday, June 05, 2006
After more than a month of vacationing in their respective hometowns,most of the hostellers returned to the city,with the aim of preparing for the forthcoming campus recruitments.The cupboard in Sudhersan's room refused to open with the lock not budging to the key.While he termed it "interlock" i called it 'wardrobe malfunction'.
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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Searching for a low cost house in a huge city can be tiresome.And particularly if the search is for a house that can accomodate 3 to 5 bachelors,it gets even gruelling for by the time you arrive at a house that meets your specifications you would just have time to write your will and die.

It so happened that one friend of mine had asked me to find a house in adyar with the following specifications:24 hrs water supply(which is a paradox as far as chennai is concerned),must be close to adyar bus terminus,rent shud be 3500 or less.

We first started with Gandhi Nagar.To our dismay the entire locality consisted of apartments,apartments and only apartments,all constructed by big names like Land Marvel,Alacrity,Ceebros,Ramaniyam etc.The price of a two bedroom flat lies anywhere between 3o lakhs and 4o lakhs.They would be rented out for Rs.12000 per month,that is way too high an amount for four or five bachelor students to meet.

Our next stop was kasturba nagar.Things were worse there.Rs.5000 rent for a single bedroom flat!We rambled around the locality for another one hour and decided to continue our search,the next day.

What causes such prices to spiral to inaccessible heights?The grassroot to this problem is that of the land(as pointed out by Property Plus).As more and more constructions spring up,availability of empty land becomes a rarity,and thus the demand for land goes up.As this is a case of supply less than demand,prices naturally have to rise.

The problem of brokers is equally troublesome.A broker hikes his fee in accordance with the spiralling prices.There was this broker who demanded 400 rupees plus first month's advance as commission.This is a new pricing strategy and we told the broker that it was way too high,to which he replied "Kaalam maari pochu,sir."(times have changed). Given the rate at which times are changing,these brokers might soon start charging planning commission,knowledge commission etc.

The search is still on.Hopefully we might end up renting a house in North Chennai,near the seashore for a paltry rent of 500 rupees per month.
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