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Friday, March 30, 2007
One of my friends, Tamilselvan, never uses the word "photo" but prefers to use "still".

Tamilselvan : Hey Nishant, did you notice the Erode-bandh still in today's Dinakaran?

Nishant : Yeah da. The city appeared still, without any activity!


Conversation, the first time I met Tamilselvan

Me : Machi, which place are you from?

Tamil : Gobi, da

Me : 65 or Manchurian?

Tamil : Ayyoo....ayyayo...Jeyanth, save me da.


There's this guy in the Civil Engineering department who is well known for telling lies. His name happens to be Sathyaseelan!

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Monday, March 26, 2007
Each time I get a tag, I keep saying to myself "No more tags". But since famous bloggers like Mathematician come up with interesting topics for tags, I'm tempted to take it.

This time it's "Ten things I hate about my college". Here goes:

1) The ban on cellphones which we proudly violate (at our own risk). I hate it more when I hear reports about how five boys were caught by the VC at the gate, carrying cellphones, at 11:30 in the night.

2) The grey TATA Safari and a Rewa patrol vehicle that do "rounds" inside the campus. Worst is when some arbitrary students are caught and questioned for possessing cellphone.

3) The unergonomic timetable which has been designed in such a way all subjects are handled in two-hour sessions.I call it unergonomic as it puts students to sleep within 10 mins of start of the class

4) The professors who epitomise punctuality by being just in time for their respective classes thereby ensuring that two-hour classes last exactly or greater than 120 minutes.

5) The rules, one of which says "Two wheelers are not allowed inside the campus". It's not the rule that irks me but the dumb estate officer who has made it a point to seal all prospective entry points and paths (even shrubbed pathways) with thorny branches.

6) The disadvantage back-benchers are always at-- giving in to the professors' lullabies no matter how hard they try to stay awake by just scribbling something in their notepads.

7) The associate warden of the hostels who repeatedly issues warnings, after some trivial incident that involves the theft of "vital" items like ball point pens, to day scholars about entering hostel blocks. And we flout them at our own risk

8) The ground whose cricket pitches are never empty thanks to TNCA league matches

9) The staff parking lot which is meant for parking of staff members' vehicles.Unfortunately it remains mostly empty since most staff members come to college by bus.

10) The canteen--it's not the food that I hate but the queues at the cash counter.

I tag everyone who reads this post (except Mathematician and Chaos Master who've already taken it)


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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation in Chennai has finally given some thought to improving passenger safety and comfort. After the launch of premium luxury bus services Blue Line and Yellow Line, two months ago, the city witnessed the launch of two more services viz. Orange Line and White Line.

The names have absolutely no relation to the colour of the buses (one doesnt notice a yellow line but a bus yellow in colour) but it must be mentioned that there is greater leg space for passengers. These buses are also equipped with automatic doors that open and close when operated by a switch in the driver's control panel. The fares suggest that these buses are definitely not meant for the lower middle class common man for whom even an increase of 50 paise in the bus fares would mean parting with a day's income. The minimum fare is Rs. 5 and the maximum, Rs. 10.

The Orange Line and Yellow Line services are just replacements of Limited Stop Services (L.S.S) in some routes but with enhanced comfort. At present Orange Line services ply on routes 6D (Thiruvanmiyur to Toll Gate), 579 (Broadway to Padappai) and 562 (Ambattur Estate to Periyapalayam). White Lines ply on routes 21G (Broadway to Tambaram), 588 (Adyar to Thiruporur) and PP21 (HighCourt to Guduvanchery) [In case I missed any route, do tell me].

Today I took a casual ride in a 6D Orange Line from Tiruvanmiyur to Broadway. Definitely the cynosure of all pedestrians' and motorists' eyes (the bus, not me). On the way back I caught a route 521 (Broadway to Thiruporur) Blue Line. Not bad, I should say. The buses have been built by private body building companies in Karur. This sourcing to expedite the launch of new services. The transport minister said, during the launch of the Orange Line, that 1000 new buses would be added to the existing fleet of 2773, by the end of this year.

The buses may not be as catchy as the Volvo city buses that run in Bengaluru, but they are definitely a welcome break for the average middle class Chennaiite who has been subjected to rickety buses in the past but whose life depends entirely (and even partly) on them.


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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Respected activists of People for Ethical Treatment to Animals,

What's the point in protesting against Kentucky Fried Chicken's foray into Chennai? Where were you when Chennai witnessed the opening of Chic King, Prime Roaster, Marrybrown, the Ponnusamys, Anjappars and Arasappars? For your information, Anjappar has got a special dish called Rabbit-65 in its menu. Before you demand the exit of KFC, make sure the above mentioned restaurants are closed.

Disclaimer: The author not the brand ambassador of KFC and the views expressed are personal.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Post inspired by this blog post by Ramya

Things that you've left behind that you wish you didn't...

... cricket in the apartment compound at Chennai

... cricket in the terrace at Coimbatore

... my bicycle

... weekends at Trivandrum beach with dad

... round trips in the double decker bus in Trivandrum

... journey in a packed 29C bus

... journeys in private city buses in Coimbatore

... the private buses in Coimbatore which race against one another putting pedestrians at risk

... travel by the metre gauge electric train each time I visit Chennai (this was before 1995)

... never leave Madras without a visit to Marina Beach (before 1995)

... New Year parties in my apartment in Coimbatore

... wake up late in the night and study for boards

... Karuppasamy's mathematics tuition at Coimbatore

... play TRUMP with WWF (world wrestling federation, not world wildlife federation) cards

... fight with sister for a seat by the window in the train (she gets the upper hand all the time)

... college hostel block 3, where ten guys sleep in a room meant for only four, during the 2nd year

... late night birthday parties in the hostel (there are very few these days)

... throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes on the birthday babies

... Ooty tour in March 2005

... Munnar tour in September 2005

... Wayanad tour in March 2007


... my Nokia 1112 mobile phone, which was washed away in the Arabian Sea at Kozhikode, yesterday

Now what do you have to say?

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