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Friday, April 29, 2005

The delhi MMS,the SC(supreme court)verdict that followed and the kharagpur guy who was convicted,created waves last year on the authenticity of cam phones.This blog features an MMS in delhi and SC from bengal who is in delhi.MMS is manmohan singh and SC is the lok sabha speaker somnath chatterjee.Both have been helpless during the past year's lok sabha sessions when the BJP raised a slew of insignificant issues in the LS displacing the "people-oriented" schemes the UPA wanted to implement.SC tries to bring decorum but in vain.MMS remains a mute spectator.Tainted ministers,arrest of kanchi acharya,budget schemes,laloo yadav etc were some of the issues the BJP often raised.Sometimes they walk out voluntarily not getting a satisfactory response from MMS.Otherwise SC himself shows them the exit.

[Moral--If empty vessels make noise put something into them to silence them.If they dont relent,dispose them]

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One issue that was strangely not raised was the word "sind" in the national anthem.It was instead forwarded to the SC(supreme court) by the VHP.Their request is that sind must be deleted from the national anthem since it is now a pakistani territory.What if the word is deleted and another word substituted?Just imagine:

MMS substitutes the word "assama" to represent the NE states.They have not been represented in any form.TN,andhra,karnataka and kerala r jointly called "dravida".Maharashtra and MP--maratha,gujarat--gujarata etc.But the NE states have been upset over their exclusion ever since it was first sung.Now they are upbeat.

MMS feels that it would be inappropriate to excluse delhi,the capital.But patna(pataliputra)was the former capital.Wanting no bias,he includes both.

Now bal thackeray insists that though delhi is the capital mumbai was more significant and requests that it be included.The Left parties feel that kolkata be honoured since tagore belonged to kolkata.Dharam singh wants bangalore to be included since it was the IT capital and that IT is the upcoming industry.Jayalalitha wants chennai to be included so that the anthem would glorify the british rule.MMS accedes.

Not wanting to be left out YSR{Y.S rajashekhara reddy,not yuvan shankar raja}wants hyderabad to be included.MMS expects a similar demand from the other states so includes all the capitals.

Not wanting to leave out any territory he includes the word "dweepa" to signify andaman & nicobar and lakshadweep.

Mulayam singh,the UP chief minister wants agra to be added.Karunanithi requests that madurai be added since the meenakshi temple was poised to be one of the new 7 wonders.Requests complied.

MMS makes more changes in the anthem and includes a few rivers and mountains too.The final draft would look something like this:
"Jana gana mana adhinayaka jaya he,
Punjaba assama gujarata maratha
delhi mumbai madras kolkata
bangalur hyderabad gandhinagara bhopala
agra madurai kailas varanasi
dravida utkala banga
vindhya himachala nilgiri darjeelinga
yamuna ganga dweepa coovuma adyara kaveri
Jaya he,......................................."

The tune?Well, it's left to A.R.Rahman.

The aftermath??Narendra modi wants patna to be removed and Laloo wants gandhinagar to be removed.Vajpayee protests against laloo's demand stating that removal of gandhinagar would mean eliminating the glory of gandhi.PMK's ramdoss wants a tamil version of the song.He also requests that "madras" be changed to chennai.

The BJP comes up with a new demand--elimination of hyderabad(there's a city in pakistan by the same name).To improve bilateral relations MMS thinks of adding pakistan since it was an indian territory long ago but decides against it.To convince him Musharaf plans a visit to india and comes by the muzafarabad bus.He succeeds in his mission and the word pakistan finds a place.Musharaf visits chennai and thinks of starting "Muzafarabad share-auto service".

The aftermath??Advani demands deletion of the word "pakistan" in the LS when chidambaram is about to present the budget.MMS sits still and watches.Two bengalis r reduced to croppers--SC as he is helpless and Rabindranath tagore who plans to file a defamation case.

{To watch the LS session live tune in to good old DD1.To see the highlights check out any of the news channels.}
{Vote for meenakshi temple in it one of the world's new 7 wonders}.

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Monday, April 18, 2005
The previous week was both eventful and uneventful.

The tamil new year witnessed the release of 3 blockbusters-to-be.The dream of first day first show has always been distant to me.The exams pressurised me to stay @ home,yet i went to the marina after exactly one year.

I returned home from marina by the MRTS train.It glided gracefully over the buckingham canal and adyar river b4 reaching tiruvanmiyur.The triplicane station resembled a shopping complex but it was totally empty.No fly or crow!The view of tidel park as the train approaches tiruvanmiyur rocks bigtime.The train is the conventional EMU but do travel once to catch an aerial view of the city.
Pakistan outplayed India in the last 2 matches at kanpur and delhi.While pak kept the runrate constant every over,india had do go for it in the initial stages only to be deceived by the pace of Naveed Hasan and Ifthikar with Afridi's spin(and bat)creating a "tsunami out of a ripple"(thanx magix)
Talking of cricket i cant help quoting rameez raja's commentary excerpts.

1st match:Abdur razzaq has been very consistent.3 overs bowled and JUST 20 runs...........
world cup 2003-ind vs pak:razzaq has the capability to slow down the indian batting.He's been instrumental in giving tendulkar the cramps...........
5th match:salman butt has played outstandingly in this series.I'm sure he'll stay till the end,put up a mammoth partnership with afridi......He was out the next ball.
And here's the ads:
world cup final:"Kar lo duniya muthi mein" featuring sehwag was telecast the moment he was run out by the aussies.
2nd match(ind vs pak 2005):WESTSIDE featuring Yuvraj was telecast as soon as he edged to akmal.
I've started watching a new programme on TV.It's telecast at 6 pm on jaya tv.It's the recorded telecast of the tamilnadu assembly session.It's more like a comedy serial.U better watch it since decent comedy soaps r a rarity nowadays.An excerpt:

a PMK member:All station names,bus route boards,tea shop names etc should be in tamil(he says this in tamil).The CM has been neglecting rural education.(in tamil).REVOLUTION,EDUCATION,DEVELOPMENT(he said these words)must be the motto of the govt.

JJ:Dear protectors of tamil,please see to it tht u practise what u preach

bang bang bang bang bang....(the aiadmk member bang the desks as applause)
This is probably one of the reasons Y JJ wanted the secretariat to be shifted to anna univ campus.If the desks break as a result of too much banging then perhaps they can use our desks.BANG BANG BANG...........
While watching the above session count the number of bald heads in the assembly.Is it "satta sabhai" or "sotta sabhai"????????

My uncle came here last saturday."He would sell the splendor.Then I can go by bus."I thought.But that was not to be."Let it be with u.U have to maintain it."This was wat he said.I felt overjoyed.The splendor would remain with me for the next 2 years.But I still prefer travelling by bus.The joys of travelling by public transport are many.I'll describe them in another blog.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
The 4th semester is drawing to a close.Or rather,has concluded.Just one more day to go!Which means I've completed 4 semesters.Which means 2 yrs of college r over.Which means I'm at the halfway point.
The exams r next commencing on 18th and ending on 4th may.After that it's the hols which i've decided to spend usefully by inplant trainings.I've already got 1 in ICF.I'm trying another1 at CPCL or ashok leyland.So no tours this time!
The pack of cats in Marundeeswarar temple have screwed up my mouse and so I've only the keyboard now.Here I go Tab.....Tab......Tab.
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Monday, April 11, 2005
Today was the day of my end semester practical exam on fluid mechanics.I had a healthy prelims score of 68/75.I needed to score 23 /25to secure an S grade.

The experiment part was damn easy.I was hoping to get one of the pipe flow expts or turbine expts.I got a turbine and completed it in no time.While praveen vied with ganguly to see who gets out first,I mentally vied with sehwag to see who completed faster.I was the first in the lab to finish.I handed over my paper to the lecturer and he told me to take my record.I found it amidst a pile.He showed me the first page and I saw that I hadnt filled up the bonafide certificate.He filled all the details for me including my name(which he spelt without the 'h').He gestured me to a stool near him.

Now this is the worst part in any practical exam--the orals,famously known as viva.I've never answered any viva sessions properly during my past 3 semesters.I reel off my own answers.On most occassions I get away with it while on others,I frankly say "I dont know,sir".This one was a mix of sappa questions and hard-to-crack ones.And I got the most number of questions-10 since I finished first.I later learnt that the others had got just 4 or 5.These were the sappa questions posed to me:
* What is a turbine?
* Is it an impulse turbine?(I said no)
* Then what type is it?(I replied "reaction type".there r only 2 types)
* To what sub class does it belong to?(Y's he bringing in OOPS here,I wondered.I remained blank)
* I mean does it belong to radial flow or axial flow?(I replied axial)
* Axial??(I said "No No.Radial)
* Inward flow radial or outward flow radial???(Blank stare)

Then came the yorkers:
* Draw the velocity triangle for the inlet.(He handed me a paper.I cracked this one)
* Draw the VT for the outlet.(I was bowled by this one.I simply drew a triangle)
* And the last wicket.What is the maximum power delivered?(I ran myself out i.e I replied "Dont know sir")

He looked at my face with his usual smile and said "U can go now.Be prepared for the seminar tomorrow."That was when I remembered that I was to present a seminar the next day.I planned the usual strategy of Copy and Paste from some book.But to my luck none of the damn books carried info on rotary pumps.When luck runs out try Googling,I thought to myself as I walked towards the parking lot.And that's what I've been doing now at 11 in the night with blogging going on in parallel.
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It was a hectic weekend for me.I boldly took the intiative to conduct a seminar in class on rotary pumps and I had to prepare for it.I also had to face the fluid mech semester practical exam and the machine design unit test on monday.Adding to all this was the work-study record.Still I made it to the bloggers meet.

The bloggers meet was held this time atop st.thomas mount.It was attended by harish,sudhir,ravikumar,niranjan,chandrachudan,sophia,sandhya,aravind and praveen(not in that order).There was an initial gathering opposite st.dominics school in butt road.After every1 gathered we set off uphill.

I was the most inactive speaker in the group,perhaps.The mouth ulcer(swelling in the gums)kept me from talking too much.I still managed to gather a little info.I was captivated by the breathtaking view of chennai city frm above the hill.Ashok nagar on one end,airport on the other,kathipara on one and tidel park on the other.Another important landmark was the Arihant multistoreyed apartment which i could see by craning my neck a bit.An air-india "express" flight kept circling the place some umpteen times.

We left at around 645.CC,Ravi and me took our bikes and went downhill.After about 10 minutes praveen came rambling along in his activa which refused to start.It started with one kick by CC and the 7 of us(except sudhir,niranjan,sandhya and aravind)went to Saravana bhavan at ashok nagar for a cup of coffee.We discussed a few things @ SB for a few minutes and then departed.Harish came with me.

What I like about these informal meetings is that u get to make new friends with each meeting.That has been my case with QFI whose meetings I attend quite regularly.I've made friends with eminent brains like Samanth Subramaniam,V V Ramanan,Vinod,Krishnamurti etc to name a few.

Overall this has been a hectic weekend for me.I wind up now to get back to machine designTill then TATA.
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
This happened yesterday.In the heart of chennai.I got fully drenched for the first time in about 10 years in the rain that has been rocking chennai for 2 days. It was machine design class.I was peering into the complex figures in the design tables book when suddenly, BANG!It was the classroom window.First came the storm and then the rain accompanied by a nasty smell.Then i realised that a low pressure had occurred in the sea and that it had shifted inland into cooum!
The real incident started like this.The ECE guys planned to go to Sathyam to watch Elektra.I too decided to go with them since my lab session was cancelled for that afternoon.I first decided to go to British Council Library to return 2 overdue books.After this,I planned to join them in sathyam.
I set off for BCL frm college in my splendor.The weather was fine but the moment i reached nandanam signal,it began to drizzle."There won't be a major downpour.It'll only drizzle",I thought.But that was not to be.The moment the wheels of my bike touched mount road,the rain had turned heavy.I could not find any place to take shelter.Worse,I could not see the road ahead.The raindrops were hitting me as if somebody was shooting needles on me.I decided to take a U-turn @ the next signal near SIET.But right @ the centre of the road was a board which said "NO U TURN".I rambled along and reached teynampet.I looked around.There was no cop nearby.I suddenly led my vehicle to the centre of the road and joined the stream of vehicles coming in from Pondy Bazaar.I had successfully U-turned.By this time I was fully drenched.I dropped all plans of going to BCL or sathyam.
I went along and reached the SIET signal.It was red so i took a left turn to cenatoph road.I had gone just a few yards into the road when a yellow gleaming barricade greeted me with the words "TAKE DIVERSION TO KOTTURPURAM".Damn it!I turned left and since i didnt know the way there,I tailed a Lancer that seemed to be going to kotturpuram.Soon I reached another signal but it turned out to be the signal near Park sheraton.Once again no U-turn possible so i went straight.I reached a familiarly unfamiliar place.Ten metres ahead on top was a board that read "ADYAR" with an arrow pointing right.I took that path and within no time I arrived at adyar bridge.I reached tiruvanmiyur in five minutes.While I was taking a right turn i nto ECR my bike began to sputter.I looked back and saw that the road had become a puddle.Water had made its way into the silencer.With much effort I reached home successfully but fully drenched.
I took out the contents from my bag one by one.Thankfully none of the books had become wet.Only slightly damp!
The best thing is that my jeans which had remained unwashed since purchase had got a natural wash.Later ECE prabu rang me up to tell me that the movie programme was cancelled.The other thing I enjoyed was obviously the rain itself.Even now I'm enjoying the rain amidst the 2 books for which the fine amount now stands at 16 bucks!
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