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Thursday, September 29, 2005
This happened when I was in ninth standard.My two cousins had come to stay with us for a vacation.I was assigned the job of waking them up everyday.One morning I was successful in waking up the girl but the little guy,her brother,refused to budge.I asked my uncle what I should do to wake him up to which he replied:

"Shake him,Shake her".
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The fact that I'm a pathetic decision maker came to light after my previous post.I give in.I cannot quit blogging, come what may.It's got absorbed into my body after which my blood cells changed to red and white blog corpuscles.(RBCs and WBCs).A mighty thanx to all those who wanted me to "return soon".Me quitting blogging seemed to them like united states flight-la porathu,probably.And for those who considered it as "vethu scene",a huge sorry.

The reason why I felt like quitting, was academics.My scores in the two internal assessments were reeling around the "average" region.I knew I had to do exceedingly well in the third to get a decent GPA,for which I had to compromise on certain activities.But giving up everything else for the sake of academics was of no use,as I discovered in the past week.

It was Operations Research that changed my mind.I put down a list of my various daily activities and the time I should spend for each of them.After some 45 minutes of eliminations,permutations,finite element analysis,numerical methods and reductions,the solution finally came out satisfactorily.If I wake up before 6am everyday,I would have two hours, reserve.

Anyways,I accept it was such a dumb,jackass-like act of mine and I must confess I cannot stop reading ravaging posts,delightful mokkais,"thoughtless" humour,unplugged humour,reason to smile and every other musing out there in the blogocean. A big sorry to all u readers(including those who called it "vethu scene").
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Saturday, September 24, 2005
Finally I've touched 50.This is my 50th post.I never realised I could reach this far.Like a model,actress,engineering student etc. some of who land up in their respective professions by sheer accident,I'm no different.Here's an account of how I came to blog:

The first blog that I ever encountered was that of Vinod's.First I read most of his posts.Next I checked out his blogroll which contained the blogs of some famous quizbuffs of QFI.Checked out every one of them including that of Harish which I thought was the blog of one Harish Narayanan of QFI.But I was in for a surprise* later.Meanwhile I had made up my mind to plunge into the blogocean and created an account for myself,subsequently writing my first post about the tsunami coverage on television which evoked absolutely no response from other bloggers.That was that.I decided not to blog forever.

A telephone call changed my mind.One of my friends whose name rhymes with stray-ass told me to convey a message to Harish that he had just read the latter's post about his "coffee with rahman".That was when I learnt that my good old pal was into blogging.I called him up the next moment,conveyed to him, the message and got his URL.I then asked him if he knew Vinod.He replied in the affirmative and furnished every bit of info,he knew,about him.He then said "He blogrolled me before I could even read his(vinod's)blog."This phrase puzzled me a bit and so i checked out vinod's blog to quell any suspicions.Found the link "Harish" in his blogroll and this time I wasn't myopic enough to not spot the word "magix" which is his trademark word.(I spotted this the first time itself,but my 7 senses were switched off that moment).Read his "Caught in the act" series and found them to be extremely hilarious.This motivated me to change my mind and to start blogging again.Thanks dude!

My blog network gradually began to grow and very soon I began reading posts of people like Sudhish,Ramya and Samanth Subramaniam.Then I began getting bruised from head to toe because of Praveen's blogs which had me falling from LIC building terrace,laughing(ROTFL sounds cliched).My first bloggers' meet at St.Thomas mount created even more difference.

A big thanks to all those who keep visiting my blog and a huge one to kutti payyan curses.

But I've good news for all of you.I've decided to stop blogging.I'm not going to do a curses-like act of backtracking on my decision.So BYE EVERYBODY!And keep blogging!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I have to pass a newspaper stall on my way home and this was the first thing that caught my attention today.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

This is probably one issue that the two mags seem to agree upon.Last year it was no different.The topic-in-question formed the cover stories of both the mags exactly a year ago.While I.T titled it "*** and the Man" and described the various troubles a guy has to undergo before turning indulgent,this time it's directed towards the fairer community.On the contrary,Outlook carried out its survey with questions like "Which type of entry would you prefer?","What do you think is the ***iest part of a woman?".Bizarre still:"Since when have u been having ***?".This question was distributed equally among the 4 metros and the 3 other so-called metros(b'lore,hyd and pune) and finally mumbai topped the survey with bangalore close behind and chennai in 4th.

I haven't bought the mags still.But it was the phrase in Outlook that set me thinking."Are men sold in the market if they are bought by women?If so,which market?Kotwalchavadi or Koyambedu?"

Interested people,go ahead and grab a copy.Also dont forget to check out the issue that arrives the week after the current issue.Cos that's where readers from all parts of this country right from Kekraanmekraanpudur to Kashmir sue the editors for bringing out such an issue.Dont miss Outlook.The editor gets sued with profane language.Some even demand their subscription money back.Go ahead and grab your copy!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005
The recent slew of incidents apparently spells good times ahead for the country.The list:

**Puratchi thalaivar vijayakanth has finally launched his political party that promises to eliminate corruption,uplift the poor,ensure 33% rejervation for women and the most important of all--make damilnadu no.1.

**Ultimate star Ajithkumar has shed 10kgs bearing testimony to "Tala pola varuma??"

**Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman finally score centuries against a bunch of players who are still in their nappies playing gully cricket with plastic bat and plastic balls.

**The chennai weather station,in order to save its head,makes predictions like "It's likely to rain in chennai."

Probably the best:
**Harish kumar chaudhary aka "magical curses" has cleared his arrear paper.
**I screwed up in my CNC paper in the 2nd assessment test today.

And this one's for guyz:
**Vinod has called for all guys of the world to uniteto protest against the injustice meted out to them in cosmetic ads.Praveen too has a similar thought.
**Vampire demands 50 50 rights for guys and gals.

And finally:
**Laloo yadav has requested his people to give him one more chance to protect them from communalism.

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Monday, September 12, 2005
Back after a brief hiatus.Returned from the so-called "Industrial Visit" today morning.Spent 3 days in Kerala in Cochin and Munnar.A very eventful tour which I would not forget for ages particularly the return trip to chennai.A summary:

Friday:Reached ernakulam town.Visited Golgati fort and Vasco-da gama memorial in cochin island.The journey by boat in the backwaters was fantastic.This was the only place we visited for the day.After lunch at about 4pm,left for Munnar by bus.Reached munnar at 9pm.

Saturday:Spent the whole day in Munnar.Set off for rajamalai estate at about 9am by jeep.The roads were too narrow for buses.Twelve people were stuffed into the jeep with me at the stepney,one leg in,one out, bearing the rain.Reached a place called Rajamalai estate.This place had only a few little waterfalls to boast of.Otherwise it was just a small stretch of gravel winding its way into kodaikanal.I along with 12 other guys trekked along the road until we reached a point that had a board that read "Limit ends here.Do not go beyond this point".But we were in an adventurous mood that day and we ventured further for 2kms until we reached a place that looked like a viewpoint.Stopped there to take photos only to find ourselves confronted by blood-sucking leeches(little ones).

Half a dozen leeches found their way to my feet and I had a tough time driving them away.Only later did someone in the group told us to check the gap between our toes.I was horrified to find two long leeches.With a small twig,I drove them away.Thankfully not a drop of my blood had been sucked.But the leeches had a good time with the other guys from whom they got "Osi A+/B+..."We decided to go back.On the way back the caretaker of the estate vented his anger at us for going beyond the limit.However he calmed down when I and one of my friends talked to him all the way.

The moment we got back to our rooms,we stripped ourselves to find if any leech had managed its way into our bodies.The rest of the day passed off uneventfully and we visited a waterfall,a dam and a lake.Started off for Cochin at 5pm.Reached at 10.

Sunday:The plan was to visit alapuzha and kumarakom but that meant getting up early.We were too lazy to rise early after watching TV all night(I didnt watch cos I'm nalla payyan.I woke up at 530am to find the TV still on and the others dozing).Eventually the plan changed was changed and we visited Athirapally waterfalls some 60kms frm Cochin.On the way back we visited Chottanikkarai temple.Returned to the hotel at 530pm.

We were to return by Madras Mail at 7pm from ernakulam town.Our tickets were,unfortunately,waitlisted and we reached the station early to plan a strategy.Only 7 people had their reservations confirmed.The plan was to drop all heavy luggage with those 7 while the others would sit in groups of 4 per berth which meant we had to travel sitting all the way.The TTE too allowed this but not for long when at palghat,another TTE entered and scowled at us all to vacate the coach and get into unreserved.We were not prepared to get into UR.We didnt have any quarter or tirupati laddoos so our group leader shelled out 200 bucks and the TTE gave in.He told us to sit near the entrance.This was where my tale of woes began.

As is the case of any train in kerala this one was damn old,some 167 years old.I settled myself along with 3 others near the entrance but the stink from the toilet prevented us from getting any sleep.The place was equally bad at the other end too.I looked for some space in one end of the next coach only to find 5 of my friends cuddled against one another trying to get some sleep.I finally found a place at the other end of this coach and one in the 5 guys joined me.I managed to get some sleep till erode.Then,upto salem I was simply loitering from one coach to the other since i lost hold of my sleep thanks to the coffee at erode.A family of four got down at salem and at once 6 people were pushed into the empty berths,2 per berth(the other one was grabbed by one passenger who had been sitting in the toilet right from thrissur).

It was extremely suffocating,sleeping with a guy of equal size as me and so I got down and started loitering again.When the train neared jolarpet,a guy from the side lower berth took his suticase and walked away.I sat on his berth waiting for him to return but to no avail.I comfortably settled myself there and after that it was a peaceful sleep upto tiruvallur.I avoided the Cooum odour at vyasarpadi thanks to my blocked nose,result of getting drenched in munnar.Reached Central 45 minutes late.This was expected since this was a kerala train.Finally I boarded route no.4,returned home,took bath, dozed off to compensate for the lack of sleep in the train and woke up only after 4 hours.A well-deserved break,I should say.

P.S:The irony is that we did not visit a single industry during the tour.

PPS Looking at the urban infrastructure of cochin,the kerala train that always runs late & never is neat and the ghat road to munnar,i wondered if it is really god's own country.The traffic movement in ernakulam made me feel "namma madras evlavo better".
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Sunday, September 04, 2005
It's rejoice time on Fridays because of the placement-preparatory sessions.In the morning,the seniors conduct aptitude tests and in the afternoon the assistant placement officer delivers a two-hour lecture on the expectations of the industry.He quoted in one of his lectures "Have a predefined goal.Be sure of what you want".I thought over the second part of the phrase.What do I want really?I've compiled a list of what I want,none of which the industry needs.
*Win an open quiz.
*Meet Siddartha Basu.
*Get up-close with A.R.Rahman(like magix).
*Come face to face with chennai model,Divya Ramprasad.
*Know everything about the other three metros of India.
*Watch a rajinikanth movie first-day,first show.
*Discover or invent an alternative to petrol.
*Start the concept of metro-flight that plies in the city as an alternative to pallavan.
*Party on saturday nights.
*Grow more hair.
*Reinstall the old names,Madras and Pallavan.
*Become treasurer of Vijaykanth's party.
*Play cricket everyday in the university ground.
*Remodel my bike.

Also I have a few wishes for other bloggers if not for myself.The list:
*Harish's crooning talent gets noticed by A.R.R and he makes it big.
*Vinod becomes the next Siddartha Basu.
*Sandhya starts writing for THE HINDU
*Praveen takes over as editor of Thuglaq.
*Traffic in Harish's shout box lessens.
*Kiruba Shankar continues to be the no.1 blogger.
*Tourism tillalangidi Ravi stops criticising Chennai.
*Sambhar mafia reveals his actual name.
*Ferrari gets a ferrari presented by schumi or barrichello.
*Laloo prasad yadav starts blogging.
And for the country:
*Ganguly stays through from the first to the 50th over.
*Narain Karthikeyan gets recognition and hype.
*Mumbai remains the capital of Maharashtra.
*Lalu learns tamil and declares:"Mallaakka padutha pasu maadu,mount road-la mazha penja graveyard-u."
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Friday, September 02, 2005

Never before in my life have I played cricket so voraciously.In the past one year,I'd been making a beeline to the university ground,after classes, to "reserve" the cricketing pitch,while the class representative would get the stumps and bats.
I'm neither a skilled batsman as tendulkar nor as poor as the Zimbabwe team.My innings at the crease last much longer than Sourav Ganguly's.Presently I'd been tiring myself out ahead of the forthcoming Challenger series conducted by the Industrial Engineers' society.
The last time I ever played so much cricket was during my high-school days with curses ,vampire and a few others.Then,we used to play near K.J.Yesudas' chennai home in Valmiki nagar.That placed seemed earmarked specially for us.Curses had been playing there since 1997.All was fine until 2003 when the owner of the nearby bungalow sued us and even threatened to complain to the police about us.He never actually went to the police station initially but by that time he had had enough.The moment he saw us playing,he set off for tiruvanmiyur police station,located just half a mile away,in his car.Not wanting any trouble,we left the place.
Next we got a place in kottivakkam near the beach.It was here that I improved my batting skills.Curses,I must say,was a terrific allrounder.As accurate as steve waugh.We had to leave that place too since it was located at a good 2 miles from tiruvanmiyur.
We got another place too,behind vampire krishna's apartment.But that too had to be renounced for a resident of the adjoining flat threatened to file a case.(The former was much better).After that,we haven't been playing.
Coming back to cricket in my campus.It was the Industrial engineers' society(SIE)which began the concept of inter dept cricket matches.Last year's series turned out to be a partial failure for most of the matches had to be declared default because of absence of players.The same has been planned this year too.

In the recent practice matches,I hadnt been able to stand up to the bowling of various McGraths.My scores read 0,5,0,0,1 and 8 n.o.My fielding too had been shoddy.In one valiant attempt to catch the ball in mid-air,I twisted my ankle and it took me 2 whole weeks to recover.I've even fallen down occasionally feeling proud to have gotten up suceessfully without a bit of sand sticking to my moustache(meesai-la mann ottaama vizhunthaen).I was given just one over to bowl in the six matches and the runs read--4,1wd,1nb,1nb,1wd,3,1,2nb,5,6,0,4nb,2.

In all cricket at AU campus is as exciting as it can get.But what lies ahead is still a mystery.The VC has plans to incorporate uniforms for students.Wonder if he would lay hands on campus cricket.

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