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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Q.What can be said about the Binomial Distribution representing the number of students who failed in a particular class?

A.The probability of success is failure and probability of failure is success.
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Saturday, August 26, 2006
The title's the literal translation for "Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu".The movie rocks big time.Check it out.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Owing to (un)popular demand from Chennai's best blogger and to a host of other reasons most of which are political, I'm forced to delete the previous post. In place,is a tag from the greatest fan(atic) of A.R.Rahman.

I'm thinking about:the babe who stared at me
I said (say):"Machan ,everything will turn out fine"
I wish: there were no programming languages like C
I hear: with my ears
I wonder: why C language is more obscure than GRE
I am:the successor to N.R.Narayanamurthy(in my dreams)
I dance(d): in the university hostel
I sing: in the bathroom
I cry: "foul" while playing soccer
I'm always: in a hurry
I make with my hands: paper rockets
I write: posts in blogspot and scraps in orkut
I get confused: often
I need: a loan of one lakh rupees.

And this tag goes to
Poison Ivy,
Harsha Bhogle fan,
App(u) master,
Rustic and
Chennai's best blogger.
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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Scene at Sathyam Cineplex.The atmosphere was like any other day.There was the usual crowd movement.Everything seemed fine until the manager received a call after which he put on a tense face.

Elsewhere in Egmore,the police commissioner's office was buzzing with activity.Commissioner Aaruchaamy and Assistant Commissioner Anbuchelvan where giving some kind of instructions to men dressed in blue.

"We can't barge in.The audience will get tensed.Whatever we do,we must not disturb the audience",said Aaruchaamy.

"Yes.We must first look into those places where there are no crowds.",Anbuchelvan was heard saying.

"Let's go."Said the commissioner and off sped,some Mahindra jeeps,some Willys jeeps,Some Toyota SUVs,some blue coloured buses and some Bullet bikes.

Scene shifts to Sathyam.The manager watched with tension-filled eyes,the sight of the crowds coming in and going out."When's the squad coming?",he wondered to himself as he set off a little prayer.

Inside the theatre,a man was seen holding a peculiar object.He was moving the object over cool-drink dispensers,popcorn packets,refrigerators,compressors etc.The same was happening everywhere.

After a few minutes a crowd began to come out of Sathyam screen.Two men,each holding that peculiar object went in and came out after 10 minutes."All Clear",said the two to the asst.commissioner.

After five minutes,a crowd came out of Santham after watching KANK.The same two men with the peculiar object went in after the last person in the crowd came out muttering to himself "Karan Johar's given a skunk this time."Once again,the same two men came out and said "All clear."

This process was repeated in the other four screens too within a gap of 45 minutes.In the meantime,some sniffer dogs had arrived.They were about to go into the multiplex,when Harish,who had for long been watching the entire goings-on with utmost curiosity,asked them "What is this for?".

Pat came the reply from one of the officers "We will surely defuse it before it explodes."

"Defuse what?",asked Harish.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Mathematics has never been so weird.All was fine till the year 2001 when yours truly completed 10th std with his mind reeling with numbers of all sorts.Enter 11th standard and then disaster struck.

This post does not intend to hurt the sentiments of people like Srinivasa Ramanujan or Rene Descartes or Pythagoras or Vampire(who has incidentally discovered a mathematical proof for a hypothetical statement "All women are beautiful").Rather this is just a vent to the author's horrifying experiences with his once-favourite subject.

Mathematics in 11th standard assumed a dimension of obscurity since this was when concepts like calculus and the letter e were introduced.Any engineering student would readily describe Algebra as an interconnection between alphabets and numbers but none can give an exact,accurate definition of the term calculus.Unfortunately these are the kind of questions that are asked in interviews that succeed competitive exams,chiefly because the interviewer himself does not know the answer.

Differential calculus was initially thought to be deferential calculus but it shattered all hopes to become defamatory calculus.The word "between" which must follow differentiate,was literally absent.Instead there were two d's separated by a line,one above the line and another below.One would be tempted to cancel off the two d's and then be left with y and x or y and t etc.Later this concept went on to form the crux of most engineering subjects(which explains why most engineers are dumb).

Integral calculus was different.It was supposed to be the integral part of higher secondary mathematics but students tend to think otherwise.Things would seem rather absurd when one sees a set of variables written inside an umbrella that looks like an f without the horizontal line in it.Engineering aspirants would have heaved a sigh of relief after the day of their mathematics board exam,to have gotten rid of abstruse stuff,only to discover later that Integral Calculus was out to haunt them throughout their engineering career.This explains the lopsided success rate in mathematics in engineering colleges(including CEG) and probably this is why most engineers are dumb.

The letter 'e'.Now noone could unravel the mystery behind the use of this letter.Somewhere in some remote corner of some remote page in the 11th standard mathematics textbook is a phrase that says that 'e' represents a number between 2 and 3.It looked absolutely weird,then.Complementing this absurdity were a number of journals in which mathematicians experimented with this letter.My question is whether anyone has bothered to find out the origin of the use of the letter 'e' in mathematics.Can 'f' be used to represent a number between 3 and 4?The online resources that carry information on such stuff are as obscure as a C program and therefore we common men are forced to live with it.

Next comes the most (in)famous alphabet "pi".There has been a constantly raging debate on the number of digits after the decimal point,that this term contains.Certain mathematicians have spent 99.9993792% of their lifetime trying to discover the number of digits after the decimal.Thankfully we engineers are exempted of attempting such weird things and forced to be content with 2.

Long live mathematics!
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
The problem of accomodation has become a serious issue in big cities,given the rising land prices and the mushrooming of software firms.The latter is the foremost reason why most house-owners rent out a house for an amount as high as 5000 rupees per month,an amount that would not be commensurate with the size of the house,in most places.

The same problem has struck CEG.Two new branches have been introduced in the college without prior consideration for the lack of infrastructure in campus.Classes for the freshers have begun but some first years are yet to be accomodated in the hostels available.When asked for an explanation,the VC coolly remarked on the orientation day "Some of you sleep in the verandahs.In our college days,we used to live a hard life.Why can't you?",asked the VC looking at a boy sitting in the front row.The poor boy could do nothing except give a half-hearted nod.

Currently the proposal has been to accomodate 6 people in a single room.Normally there will be only 4.However this proposal has been welcomed by the parents and students alike(what else could they do).

Then the VC recently made a mention of the overwhelming placement scenario in the campus.He cited a reason for this as "Reduction in the use of mobile phones."Surely he is very much obsessed with banning cellphones that he cites them as a reason wherever and whenever possible,even if the Agni missile crashes into CEG campus.But a reality check presents a different picture.It's only that companies coming for recruitment come in with a plan of increased headcount.Students continued to use cellphones even while preparing for their respective D-days.

Alaphia once wrote about the Fading glory of Anna University,given the imposition of stringent regulations and after NDTV jumped into the fray to discuss why Chennai was "conservative".The present reality is that students continue to use cellphones,but with an element of caution.After all,rules are framed to be broken.
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