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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Been out of the blogosphere for a week b'cos of vacation tour.It's not really a tour but a simple trip planned to drain the vacation blues i'm having here at chennai.It went like this:

A DAY IN THE A/C CITY-The trip began on 22nd night.I boarded the Rajahamsa bus belonging to KSRTC.At the mofussil bus stand,passengers bound for bangalore were simply buying tickets for KSRTC and everyone seemed to ignore that corroded sheet of metal called SETC.However the SETC managed to fill itself up thanx to fleecing by the conductor.When will they upgrade themselves,I wondered.

After a rather uncomfortable journey,I got down at indira nagar at Old madras road.My uncle was waiting there to pick me up and off we went to his house in 100 ft road.To compensate for the lack of sleep in the bus,I had a good 2-hour sleep in my uncle's house which was actually a bachelor's quarters.

At 10 my uncle took me to his office at ulsoor.Tried to catch a breathtaking view of the city from the top floor but all i saw was trees,trees everywhere.At 11 I caught an auto and headed to koramangala to visit one of my schoolmates,kaushik.I went all the way into the national games colony searching for his block.Unable to find it,I asked a passer-by for directions.He directed me to the other extreme end of the colony.I walked all the way to the other end,found his block,went up to the storey where he lived and found his house only to find it locked.Waste of time.

At once I came out of the colony and headed to "FORUM".As I didnt have enough cash with me I didnt purchase anything.Spent time watching colourful birds from Christ College.At around 3,I returned to Indira nagar.The cool weather made me sleep for a good 2 hours.At 6 again I went for a walk around the locality.Spotted a good number of birds and at 730,got ready to leave for thrissur.

My uncle returned home rather late and we had to rush to Madiwala.Bangalore's infrastructure woes came into the picture at the airport road junction.The LED signals of this tech-city were switched off even at the peak hour.After a damned 20-minute wait,we reached madiwala 5 minutes before boarding time and boarded it at 820.

This was how my one day at bangalore went.I witnessed with my very own eyes what I had read in Outlook,Dataquest,India today,Business world,Business today,The week and economic times----reports of "Crumbling Bangalore".The sambar at sukh sagar had sugar added in it and the dosa I got was wet cloth.But still I made the most of my stay.
IN GOD'S OWN COUNTRY---The reason why we went to thrissur was that one of my cousins was getting married in guruvayur.The driver who promised to land in thrissur at 6 landed an hour late.We got down and rushed to find a bus stand.We finally found a bus bound for guruvayur and reached there at 8 just in time for the muhurat.Somehow we managed to pop our heads into the marriage hall.Then we went to the guruvayur temple,clad in dhotis and angavastrams.We returned to the marriage hall at 12 and had lunch.

I was pleased to find that traditional banana leaf spread out before me(I'd had enough at sukh sagar).To my surprise,sidedishes kept pouring in.There were in all 15 side dishes.Somehow managed to cope with it.

At 2 we started off for thrissur.Our next stop was to be at nagercoil(for those who dont know,nagercoil is a miniature town in kanyakumari district).We reached thrissur at 3 and went to the station to board the waynad express to trivandrum.The train came chugging in from shoranur at 315.

At ernakulam,one seat opposite to us became vacant.Two girls(one pretty and another seemingly pretty) stormed into the coach and one was quick enough to drop her suitcase on that vacant seat.They both cuddled together in the same seat right opposite to me.At kottayam those two got down to buy a bottle of water.The moment they got down,the train started and they were not seen for about 30 mins and then they arrived.They had probably boarded some coach which came in their way.I boldly initiated a conversation with them and found that those two had completed their first year at cochin university.They asked about me and on the mention of the word "madras",they began asking about it.I spent a good one and a half hours explaining the ins and outs of the city.Finally the most FAQ came---chennai is damn hot,na???

The pretty one got down at quilon and the other one bid us farewell and headed to the next coach.We arrived at trivandrum at 1030 in the night and luckily found a TNSTC bus waiting in the bus stand bound for nagercoil.Another 2.5 hours of a sleepless journey on NH47 and finally reached nagercoil at 1 am.

This was my one day in kerala.It was raining 24 x 7 in the state.Sometimes heavy sometimes drizzle.Tamilians who have not seen pure water for decades would envy the sight of rivers and backwaters running full.In case u dont know the meaning of "excess water",see it for urself here.
A TALE OF TWO TOWNS---It was saturday the 25th.My uncle accompanied my grandpa to the eye hospital for his cataract surgery while I stayed at home taking care of my grandmother.I spent the whole day in the house flipping through ESPN,HBO,NGC etc.

On sunday the very morning,i headed to Warrens the popular ice cream parlour in the town.Here ice-cream is made with cow's milk.Milkshakes and hot drinks were also available there.Devoured into the fruity ice-cream the moment it arrived.

At 2 my dad came all the way from trivandrum to visit my grandpa.He left at 7 but not without me.I accompanied him to tvm.

Nagercoil is connected to trivandrum by the national highway-47.It is not worth being called an NH since the entire stretch of 68kms resembles a street that forms 1/4th of mount road.That's the reason why it takes 2.5 hours to traverse the distance.

Next is trivandrum.It is the capital of kerala but doesnt seem to be.Cochin seems to be more prominent than tvm.(Like mumbai has more prominence over delhi).It doesnt fit the description of a city.Narrow roads,potholed roads,roads w/o street lights all exist in this town which is poised to be kerala's IT hub.Example of lax governance.

I stayed overnight with my dad and the next day(monday),I visited my grand-uncle no.1 at a place called thycaud.Stayed there for about 2 hrs and then headed to jawahar nagar to visit grand-uncle no.2 which also was where that newly wedded cousin was present.A huge gang was present there.The newly wedded cousin's in-laws were present.One of his in-laws turned out to be an IIT-M grad.I was engaged in conversation with him for most of the time.Amidst all this was present,my sweetest cousin from bangalore.She was of my age and visiting her was my first priority and as planned,a major portion of the time was spent with her.She too asked about chennai and I gave a neat description.She was amazed at my knowledge of localities in bangalore.

I left at 6.She was the only one who saw me off.The others just bade me goodbye.I left her with a heavy heart.I reached home at 630 and switched on the TV to find--"NATIONWIDE STRIKE TOMORROW IN VIEW OF FUEL-PRICE HIKE".Doubts started reeling in my mind.Will buses run??Will trains run??I was to board the kanyakumari--egmore express from nagercoil.My dad arrived at 8 and assured me that vehicles would run.Leaving all doubts to rest,I slept off.

BACK TO MADRAS---The next day I was happy to find cars and buses rambling.Lorries and autos stayed away from the roads.I went to the bus stand by town bus and boarded the first bus bound for nagercoil.The journey was completed in record time of 1.5 hours thanx to the lorries.

As usual I carried home 3 packets of banana chips,2 kgs of tirunelveli halwa and some milk-khoa.At 5 in the evening the train chugged into nagercoil junction from kanyakumari.I checked out the reservation chart.No young female co-passengers.So I bought a copy each of India-Today,the week,Frontline and outlook.Was reading these books till Virudhunagar.Finished them at Madurai.As soon as the train left madurai,I hopped into the upper berth,closed my eyes and awoke the next morning at Chengalpet.I brushed my teeth and since two old people were still sleeping in the lower berth I stood near the entrance watching the GST road outside.At 6 the train reached tambaram and at 630,mambalam.I got down at mambalam(tried spotting the dreamydryad but couldnt) and hired an auto rickshaw which carried me all the way to Besant nagar for a flat rate of 70 bucks.I tried bargaining but the driver said "Petrol vela yeri pochu sir(Petrol prices have increased,sir)".Needless to say,I went on.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Watched anniyan yesterday in Sathyam cineplex.This was the first movie I was watching in Sathyam after almost a year.
Chiyan vikram was at his usual best portraying three characters of Ambi,Remo and Anniyan.The story goes like this--Vikram gets disturbed often by the state of the society.He turns emotional whenever he sees people flouting rules and tries to infuse some awareness into that person's mind but in vain.Later he comes across a website "" which is a complaint box.He registers his complaints,the faulter and his address.The faulter then finds himself killed by Anniyan.As usual,the police would be called and whether Anniyan is caught or not,forms the rest of the story.
The movie can be termed as a blend of Gentleman,Indian,Ramana and Chandramuki.Why chandramuki?Vikram suffers from multiple personality disorder.One scene, he is the humble Ramanujam alias Ambi and the next scene, he transforms into anniyan.In some more scenes he becomes Remo who disappears after a point of time.
One person who is greatly missed in this movie is A.R.Rahman.Has Shankar broken up with him after "Boys"?However Harris Jayaraj doesnt falter with the songs.The BGM is where he could have improved.It has been lifted straight out of the BGMs of "Gentleman" and "Kaadhalan".You cant help comparing this with the BGM of "Kakka Kakka", wer HJ rocked.
Vivek was way different from his other movies.There are no "Ada Paavingala" here.Prakashraj once again rocks.Nasser appears in a cameo.One highlight is the Thiruvaiyaaru festival where u get to see Unnikrishnan,kunnakudi and sudha ragunathan on the big screen.
"Indigestible scenes" form an integral part of shankar's movies.In gentleman,there was a scene wer arjun had a rat forced onto his jaw and he ended up with the skeleton of the rat.In kaadhalan there was the jail scene where prabhudeva's food was "flavoured" cockroaches.In mudhalvan there was the scene where arjun bathes in buckingham canal.In anniyan there r few such scenes tht r digestible to some extent.Vikram forcing leeches onto the body of the industrialist and frying Prakashraj's brother in hot oil,are some examples.
I noticed a few mistaken takes.The police patrol vehicl bore a registration plate with the letter 'H'.In reality it's 'G'.And then there was another scene where there was a traffic signal on the elliots beach and a 29C bus was shown stopping at the signal(no buses run on elliots beach road).
Overall it was a superb movie.I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Praveen's "Saniyan".
P.S:-My congrats to curses.Bangaloril irundhu varum podhu,mazhaiya allekka thookikittu vanthuttaan,chennaikku.
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Saturday, June 18, 2005
Back to blogging after a week.

There was once a boy born into a farmer's family in Uttar pradesh.He had very meagre education because of which he landed a job as a petrol bunk assistant.With the money he earned,he took up the job of making chocolates to feed the children of india.He soon became famous and got married.Two boys were born to him.

With his efforts he prepared a huge chocolate.But in 2002 he died leaving no trace of a will.Then the brothers took portions of the chocolate.But a quarrel arose between the two.The elder one found that the younger had more proportions of the chocolate than him.He demanded a lion's share of the proportion from his brother.But the brother was not willing to part with it.Afraid that his brother would snatch it away from him,the younger one went on a pilgrimage to tirupati and rishikesh.

But that was of no use since the elder one started claiming ownership of those proportions.This let to a battle between the two which shook the whole country's industrial arena by surprise.

Now the chocolate had to be constantly flavoured to maintain its taste.The flavourers were now left confused.They did not know where to add the flavour and consequently the flavour started weaning away.

This drama was going on since december and has come to an end today.The boys' mother has intervened and settled the issue.The elder brother got a major chunk of the chocolate and the syrupy portion.The younger one got 3 proportions.One was produced in delhi and was called "capital".Another was to be flavoured with energy boosting ingredients so that it would be an energy chocolate.Lastly the younger would get the wrappers.Using these wrappers people all over the country would tie strings between two of these and use them to communicate.All was well that ended well.

Confused???The two brothers here are Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani.The chocolate is called "Reliance".The flavourers here are the shareholders."The flavour started weaning away" means the shares in the bombay stock exchange recorded a fall.The major chunk,the elder one got was the flagship company--Reliance industries ltd.The syrup here is petroleum which comes under IPCL.The younger one got reliance energy,reliance capital and reliance infocomm.

This is the result of my unleashed imagination.It was on leash for the past one week due to the excessive heat in the city.(May sound silly,but dont bother.)
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Sunday, June 12, 2005
I stuck to my schedule(unusually)and attended the MAHAQUIZZER conducted by KQA(Karnataka quiz association).IIT was the venue(yet again)and hence I had no problems getting there.

Once inside,I was surprised to find hardly 10 people waiting outside the Humanities & Sciences block.But by 10 o clock,the number had risen to 50 odd people.

The event started sharp at 10 with the quizmaster Nitesh reading out the rules and then distributing the question sheets.Sadly there were no AV questions.

It is during events like these that my brain automatically turns off.I'd to rack it hard to turn it on but it works on low voltage.About 20 out of 150 questions were from current affairs.I had read the fundae in the newspapers a week ago and somehow it didnt strike me today.Most of the questions,were otherwise damn easy sitters which I cracked with ease.Some of them were:

Name the place in south India near Kottar whose name translates into "Snake-town".
Nagercoil(my birthplace)
There was a question on a game that is currently the craze of the world.Everybody got it as sudoku.There were a lot more questions which i dont remember.

The quiz ended sharp at 1130.After that the answers were read out.This was when the sense of humour of Samanth,Vinod,Vikram Vasu,Devi Prasad,Sumo,Gopal,Rajiv etc(all professional quizzers)came to light.By now a guy called Varada had become synonymous with MMS.

The winner was Rajiv Rai(he was also the Brand Equity quiz winner) with 59 points.QFI sscretary Gopal Kidao followed with 59 points(the winner was decided by the tie breaker questions).Mrs.Jayakumar,popular among chennai quizzers was the female winner with 55 points.Ramkumar was the school winner with 30 points.I could manage a mere 10.Once again the missing element was V.V.Ramanan.

The quiz was going on parallel in mumbai,bangalore,hyderabad and trivandrum.

Next in line the KQA anniversary quiz next sunday in Bangalore's Guru nanak bhavan(near cantonment station).Magix,all set????
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Today's my license's first birthday.Exactly a year has passed since I got it.
Image hosted by
This was the experience I went thru to secure this rectangular thing.I went to the driving school only be driven away to the RTO.At the RTO it was a hell of a process arranging the documents in the right order.After a two-hour wait,the transport inspector finally showed up the learner's licence hall.He signalled something to the driving school assistant which meant I had to go over to the test zone which was on the beach road.

There I found a few people already practising in order to not screw up @ the end.I watched with fascination as a guy who had converted his CBZ into a macho bike,manoeuvre it in an 8-like fashion.At 1130 the inspector turned up with a traffic constable.He had probably hitched a ride in the latter's bike.

The 2-wheelers were first.My name was 15th in the list of 24 people who had gathered.There was one lady who was pessimistic the moment she arrived there."Will I keep my leg down?""Will I turn properly?"were some of the questions she asked to herself with the driving school assistant trying to induce some confidence in her.But her mind did not change.Ultimately she ran her scooty into a wall in the first round itself.I managed to clear the test amidst doubts of whether I would signal properly without losing balance.

Next came the 4-wheelers.It was a hot day and the inspector was feeling too tired.Instead of testing each and everyone,he beckoned all the 7 of us to follow him.He moved a few yards,got out of the car and got into the next.This went on till I was last.He had only to test how I U-turned.I was @ the finishing stage when he told me to stop midway.A carriage van from andhra had illegally made its way into the city and the inspector spent 20 minutes trying to extract a few bucks from him.Finally he ordered the carriage van to be dumped near the RTO and returned to the RTO in my car with me @ the wheel.

I went home,had lunch and returned after about an hour to find the others waiting for the photo session.Names were called out one by one and once again my name came somewhere in the last.By that time I was totally exhausted.I watched with a "burning stomach",the sight of one of the guys in the group flirting a babe near a broken-down auto.

I took a closer look at the girl.I'd seen her somewhere.Finally it struck.She was the cultural secretary of my college.I was just about to catch a conversation with her when my name was called out once again.It was to sign the license.I came out after signing to find the girl shooting off with tht guy who had probably got his licence and was speeding away towards Mayajaal.

It was all over at 430.I now had a license.Since then I've been blazing away in mount road often.I hadnt been caught by the cops a single time in this one year.But wait,the license is valid for 20 years.19 more to go.Whom am I gonna encounter in future?Instead of thinking about it,catch me burning any one of the following tracks:mount road,GST road,poonamallee hi-road,marina beach road and besant nagar beach road.


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Friday, June 10, 2005
"Mudivilla thodarkathai...",runs the verse in the Vijay TV daily soap,"Idhu oru kathal kathai".This soap ought to be credited since it has been frank in accepting that it is a mega-serial as the verse says.

Gone are the days when doordarshan used to be the most preferred channel.Now there are so many to choose from.PROBLEM OF PLENTY.Gone r the days of quizzes and dramas.It's now serial,serial, every channel you tune into(barring a few).

These serials are in great demand by many housewives who renounce their afternoon sleep specially to watch them.These serials all have the same theme.They are designed to adopt to the channel in which they are aired.All these serials run for several episodes through several years.The theme is simple---life of a woman after marriage.If the theme is simple Y should it go on for several years?

First the girl's life before marriage is shown.That runs for 20 episodes.Then her would-be's life is shown.Another 20.Next is the girl's parents who are always portrayed as poor people who work hard to make both ends meet.This takes 10 episodes.The guy's parents,then.As usual the guy's mother is portrayed as a Surpanakha-like character.The guy's father always turns out to be a humble-pie eating fellow.Another 10 episodes.

The guy and the girl meet each other.The next 15 episodes show the guy trying to infatuate the girl.Somehow they fall in love and their love dominates another 15 episodes.

Next in line is marriage.The guy's mother is against it as she doesnt want a poor daughter-in-law.But the guy tries to convince her.20 episodes.

Pre-marriage arrangements occupy 5 episodes and the marriage,another 5.After that it'll be 50 episodes portraying the killer-character of the mother-in-law.She tries in vain to do away with her D-I-L.She somehow does it after 20 episodes.

The girl now is separated from her husband.This is when she becomes pregnant.20 episodes later a child is born and the next 100 episodes portray the life-cycle of the boy.After that the boy falls in love with a rich girl.Rich girl's parents oppose marriage....The cycle goes on.
Y so many episodes??In every episode,the title song consumes 5 minutes.The recap,5 and the two breaks,5 each.The actual serial runs for just 10 minutes.

I could not stop my laugh-riot after reading one of vinod's blogs about daily soaps.Here's a condensed version of his sample mega-serial:
A little boy wakes up at midnight to go to the toilet.Afraid of the dark,he wakes up his mum.While she is accompanying him,the M-I-L suddenly enters and accuses her D-I-L of snooping around.The D-I-L tries to explain but in vain.A huge gang consisting of relatives gathers. After a heated argument between the two,the head of the family enters and stops the argument.The M-I-L realises her mistake and it's "Bahu","Maaji","Bahu","Maaji"....after that with the two of them hugging and kissing each other.Where did the little boy disappear??Nowhere.He silently witnesses everything and pisses in his pants.
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Sunday, June 05, 2005
U leave a few important chapters,yet u score high---MAGIX
U study so much,yet u screw up--CURSES
Blend of the above two--THE ARGUMENT CONTINUES

U start the semester with the aim of topping the class,but u dont work hard and finally screw up---MORTAL VISION
What do u do if u fail in one attempt--keep LOOKING FOR A WAY.
What shouldnt u do in the above case--KRIB in the exam

Right from the start of a semester DREAM ON,as suggested by our president.
Inside the exam hall,concentrate on ur paper.Don't be bothered about what the CHENNAIGALWRITES.

Leave every page turned in ur textbook.Otherwise u'll be confronted by VAMPIRES in ur DREAMS.The next day u'll be MOSTLY THOUGHTLESS with ur paper containing FALSELY TRUE and FICTIONALLY FACTUAL statements.
It's better to have a dose of NIMBUPANI b4 going to the exam hall.
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It's been ages since I took part in an open quiz.The last open quiz i took part was Landmark 2004.I missed Odyssey 2005 and IIT open 2005.

I took part in the QFI open with little knowledge and an IQ of 93.Vinod was at his usual best @ the stage with Krishnamurti and Vikram guiding him.I reached sharp at 3 to find the hall almost packed with the best brains from the city.I managed to join two corporates in their quest for a third member.

Some of the questions were really tricky,some were sitters and some googlies.Most of the audio and visual questions were sitters.The quiz started with the question
What service does 98410 72571 represent in chennai???
Observant brains tackled it right as "P James Magic show".Other tried chennai call taxi,helpline etc.
The leo coffee ad audio was played with the questions--what is the brand and who is the composer?
Almost everyone got it right as A.R.Rahman.
The anniyan song "Iyengar aathu.." was played with the question who the singer is.
Many got it right with Hariharan.
There was also the Swades version of the Baba song with the question,name the original piece and the piece that is playing.

The prelims ended @ 430pm.There was a break for half an hour and i headed off to anna university to check if any other dept results were out,so tht I could give a rude shock to those who were enjoying in their hometowns.Sadly all the depts were closed.I headed back to IIT @ 5 just in time to watch the finals.

It was the usual faces in the finals.The big brains from QFI were in the finals.There were 8 teams in all which consisted of QFI secretary gopal kidao,shivakumar,nandan saha,samanth subramaniam,the IIT-M team,actress kasthuri's team and 2 other teams from bangalore.The missing element was V.V Ramanan who did not show up.I did not stay thru the finals and left midway.

Next in line is MAHAQUIZZER by KQA @ the same venue next sunday.Awaiting it with a bated brain.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Hardly a month has passed since the semester exams concluded.But the results are out.
My score in the 4th semester is 8.16 grade points.The cumulative score is 7.93.It is a boosting score for me since i could manage only 7.48 in the previous sem.Now my score graph shows a rise.

When I peer closely @ the score sheet on the notice board,I find 16 other people have fared better than me.I now stand 17th in terms of cumulative score.I was 14th till the third sem.There were 3 people whose CGPAs were edging over mine.This was like the Nurburgring F1 wer alonso's screwed up car cost him dearly.My lack of preparation,hanging out in the beach,brooding over ditched girlfriends,reading everything except the college textbooks cost me a decent score thus making way for those 3 to forge ahead.

The only encouraging words were "U've got 2 more semesters left.U can make up,then".Well,gone is gone.Time to introspect.

[My sincere apologies to harish and murali,just in case i've spoiled ur holiday moods,reminding u of PQT]
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
To break the jinx of not watching a hindi movie for ages,I decided to watch Bunty aur Babli on monday.My project @ I.C.F concluded pretty earlier and I disembarked @ ega theatre on the way."Coming to steal ur heart and ur money" was the tagline of the movie.That was justified when the actual ticket costing 35 bucks was hiked to 60 bucks.Nevertheless I bought one.

It was 1115 when I bought the ticket and the show was only @ 1230.I decided to go to shopper's stop in the meantime.I found it was not as crowded as spencer plaza.I went straight to crossword bookstore and picked up a copy of MENSA BOOK OF LOGIC PUZZLES.By 1145 i came out and watched trains from atop the chetpet bridge for 15 minutes.

When I got back 2 the theatre I was surprised to find gangs of girls giggling away.There were very few couples surprisingly."The delhi and mumbai rape cases has probably forced chennai girls to be extra-cautious",I thought.It was 12 now and I sat on the steps watching the traffic on the poonamallee high road.I then noticed a familiar figure staring @ me from a bus.I found that it was one of my good old friends from coimbatore.I wanted to talk to her but unfortunately the signal turned green and the bus was gone.But she was smart enough to recognise me and waved her hand at me.I waved back.

Once inside the theatre I was sandwiched between 3 guys on my left and 3 gals on my right.Those 3 gals were lamenting from the moment they came in since they came late and they missed the "Mujhe bulaye re.." song.

The worst part was I couldnt hear most of the dialogues.The gal next to me kept commenting about rani to her friend."Oh look @ her costume","How skimpy her costume is","Y is aishwarya rai spoiling herself wearing such costumes","Amitabh looks so old,yaar" were some of the comments i could make out.Those gals were muching Lays chips.They munched 3 packets each b4 the interval and 2 after the interval.My god!Adding to all this was a 3 year old guy whose voice stood out in the hall.He kept yelling now and then drowning most of the dialogues.

The movie was over @ 330 and the credits were shown.That was then the actual title song came.It was rendered by Blazee.

Overall it was a kind of good movie but the climax was totally screwed up.Check out the bubblies too!

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